Featured Artist Mavrosh Stratiotis


Featured Artist Mavrosh Stratiotis

Mavrosh works as a media designer professionally but displays her private work only with the profile Mavrosh on DeviantArt. She writes, “Job is job and hobby is hobby”.

Her preferred medium (privately): Digital mixed media. She loves texture work, character creation, lighting 3D scenes and painting digitally.

Mavrosh writes:

“Fantasy and science-fiction illustration, focusses on MALE characters; since there are so many good people out there that focus on female characters”.

“Erotic work can be found as well as violent work, so in case this is intimidating in whatever way for anyone – simply don´t look!”

Dreamlight: What got you started with 3D?

Mavrosh writes: This must be four years ago. Before that I was into computer game modeling which actually got me started on the whole 3D thing.

 The Shimmering Stranger


Mavrosh writes: The inspiration for this guy was during a conversation with a friend of mine: We talked about Marimos and both of us decided to create a character based on a Marimo. This is a close up of a full body shot of this guy, which is a full frontal nude.

Son of the Ashlands


Mavrosh writes: I happen to like this one for its simplicity. I was aiming to tell a story. Someone else may have another story in their head when looking at this.

Dreamlight: Is there anything that inspires you the most?

Mavrosh writes: Role-playing, computer games, books, movies … also music. Sometimes I just need a little impression of whatever to get my head started.

Dreamlight: Do you prefer certain software over others?

I just love DAZ Studio but I also enjoy ZBrush and Cinema4D; and of course PHotoshop. DAZ Studio and Photoshop are my most favorite ones, yes.

Black and White

black_and_white_mavroshSource image: http://fav.me/d7dnqlj

Mavrosh writes: This is Sol, one of my role-playing characters. There is nothing much to say, other than… yeah. I like him.

Dreamlight: Could you share some of your favorite ways of working with our readers?

Mavrosh writes: It is always the same old same old for me when I start working on a character…. I get the idea, I try to get his textures done in Photoshop as close to my imagination as possible. Then I get DAZ started and try my best with all the rest. Once I have a first render, I load it into Photoshop and then paint, what is missing, such as for example hair (I always render my characters bald) and / or effects, little details and the like.

So, this is when a character is born. My head is full of characters. For sure, good music helps with this as well as some cat-cuddle-breaks in between! Once a character is created, I try to wait until he (or sometimes also “she”) sort of speaks to me and I get DAZ started again… and see what happens. I rarely have a plan for a specific picture beforehand, mostly they just happen while I play around.

Clubbing 2293


Mavrosh writes: Another one of my favorite characters, is actually a Cyborg-elf. His name is Loop and he is sort of like an anti-hero with a tragic backstory. You can clearly tell the influences here…. Shadowrun, Robocop … those things.

Dreamlight: Any advice you want to pass on?

Mavrosh writes: Be patient and do not expect miracles. And ask people about things that you want to know. Be open to playing around and find out what your software can do.

So many times people who work with software like DAZ or Poser are satisfied with their work way to easily and dare not go further. These programs have a lot more to offer than only preloading props, characters and poses… Dare to look behind it, discover the techniques of the software and you will be surprised!



Mavrosh writes: Last but not least – one of my most favorite pictures ever! It portrays Carraig, another role-playing character of mine. While most of my works are not that special to me, this one is for sure!

Dreamlight adds: You can find Mavrosh on DeviantArt: http://mavrosh.deviantart.com/ and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mavroshillustrations.

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