Featured Artist Marcos DK Prieto

marcos_dk_featured_artistSource: http://www.marcosdk.net/

Featured artist Marcos DK Prieto

DK_Marcos_featured_3D_artistThis week we focus on the work of Marcos DK Prieto, digital artist and fantasy writer.

You can find his Web site ‘Un Paseo por los sueños’ (A walk through dreams) here.

Source of photo: http://shadowness.com/MarcosDk

His Facebook fan page can be found here

And he writes a blog here

Marcos DK writes: “Currently I work professionally with computers and, interestingly, my nickname comes from this. An old friend asked me to prepare and manage a website for the group “demoscene” and when I introduced the other members of the group they kept calling me dungeon keeper of the web (something like the guardian). As I liked the name, I kept it, although abbreviated to DK”.

“Regarding writing, I can say that I’ve been meaning to write all my life, but it was not until early 2010, when I turned forty, that I decided it was more than an intention and this became reality”.

Marcos concentrates on the fantasy genre. Although his time is limited, he says that his desire to “experience new things led me to introduce myself to the world of 3D design”, which he wants to use to illustrate his stories.

You can find a list of his stories and his continuing blog novel La Rebelión de las Razas here

Into the Cave

Marcos DK writes that this was the first time he experimented with water surfaces in Daz; for postproduction he used The Gimp. Source: http://shadowness.com/MarcosDk/into-the-cave.

Into_the_Cave_Markos_DKSource: http://shadowness.com/MarcosDk/into-the-cave

When canvas starts to burn

This song When canvas starts to burn, by the group Serenity, inspired this 3D illustration by Marcos DK. This can be purchased through Deviant art as a giclée print on high-quality paper stock for around $50, or in other formats here

when_canvas_starts_to_burn_markos_dkSource: when_canvas_starts_to_burn_markos_dk

Man’s eyes

This is a more classical drawing of a man’s eyes, which can also be found on Deviant art in the Gallery: http://dkmarcos.deviantart.com/gallery/

Mans_eyes_3d_artistSource: Source: http://dkmarcos.deviantart.com/art/Man-eyes-360619616

She’s a pirate

This action-filled illustration is filled with explosive color. The flag in the background tilts to the left as the woman leaps forward.

markos_DK_pirate_imageSource: http://www.marcosdk.net/

The last sip

Here a girl (Daz Studio Victoria 4) sips the last dregs from a tankard in a darkened Daz Studio Medieval Tavern. It must have been a long night, the man on the right rests his head on the table, and another watches the girl as she drinks. A cat eats from the plate on the table, unperturbed. This illustration won first place for the Dreamlight 3D Contest “Are you drunk?”

last_sip_Markos_DKSource: http://dkmarcos.deviantart.com/art/One-more-sip-423047692

YouTube tutorials in Spanish

Marcos DK also demonstrates the use of Daz Studio on YouTube such as: Daz Studio – Introducción (Introduction) http://youtu.be/cGItPwMG4NU, about an hour, and others Daz Studio – 1, 2 and 3 – Entorno de trabajo (Workbench), also about one hour.

To get you started you can watch Work Bench (54 mins):

Inspiring to watch in any language, because of the music and the subject matter, are Juego de Hadas (Fairy Game) Parte I, II and III (Daz Studio 4.6 Pro), where Marcos DK demonstrates Daz Studio 4.6 Pro. Highly recommend these, so here are the links for Fairy Game part 1 (3.06 min) http://youtu.be/fHNCw_F8h; part 2 (3.32 min) http://youtu.be/_cC6ilEnInE and part 3 (6.38 min) http://youtu.be/XvYHE7AEdRg.

Take a note that during May you can visit an exhibition of his drawings at the Exhibit Hall, Auditorio Municipal, Benavides de Orbigo (León) in Spain.

-Val Cameron/Dreamlight

PS: Master DAZ Studio Fantasy 3D Art, Check It Out HERE

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