Fast Colours

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Fast Colours

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What I mean, is have you ever got stuck wondering what color goes best with what? You want to make a scene really stand out? Or you want the colors to actually go together once in a while. Then here are a couple of sites that will help you do just that, select the colors that fit next to each other f a s t, or should I say quickly?

This is a good, site to help you with working out color harmonies:

Here is what they say, “ColoRotate is a project from for learning about how color works, and working with color quickly and effectively.”

ColoRotate comes with a Photoshop plug-in and works on iPad. You need to be logged in to use this free service.

They write that , “ColoRotate helps take the guesswork out of choosing colors, enabling you to interpret color relationships and combine colors more clearly — regardless of your medium.”

If anyone is curious about what is go here.

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Adobe Kuler

Adobe Kuler is another site that you can use to quickly select color schemes. If you are not already registered with Adobe, you need to register to use the service, but it is free. You can find it here

I can waste a lot of time playing with colors, maybe I should call it research.

Additive and Subtractive colors


Source image: By Mike Horvath on WikiCommons

Remember how we were taught that you only needed red, yellow and blue and you could create any color in the universe? Up to a point this still remains true. However, we need to add something else to this especially working with 3D graphics.

We need to add the words Additive and Subtractive colors. Additive colors are the ones you see on a screen where you can mix red, green and blue. You can find a lot more about this here on Wikipedia.

Subtractive colors, used in printing, are based on cyan (blue), magenta (pinkish-red) and yellow. A compensating color needs to be added to this group, usually black. This is because these pigments don’t fully absorb light.

If you want to create your own color wheel, or triangle you can follow the guidelines here:


-Val Cameron/Dreamlight

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