DAZ Studio Review – 5 Shocking Things About DAZ Studio

DAZ Studio Review – 5 Shocking Things About DAZ Studio


Is this free 3d software your next vehicle for stunning 3D art? Maybe you’re never heard of 3D art before, or maybe you’re already into 3D, but curious about DAZ Studio. In this short review, I’m going to share with you the top 5 areas in which DAZ Studio stands out in the crowd and in some cases even outbeats professional $1,500-$3,500 applications in the market. (Yes, DAZ Studio is 100% free, and in just a moment you’ll see why THAT is shocking!)

Before I jump into the water, why would you even listen to what I have to say? Well, having been coaching over 235,000 DAZ Studio artists since 2005, I’ve been using this software on a daily basis for over a decade now. I’ve seen it grow, I’ve come to know (and love) DAZ 3D, the company behind DAZ Studio, and I’m one of their top selling vendors, with over 230+ DAZ Studio tutorials, plug ins and light set.

Now, I’m not just a DAZ Studio fan because that’s the only software I use. I’m well familar with, own and use; Vue, Poser, Carrara and Lightwave and I’ve also tried Blender and 3D Max Studio.

Now, enough of that… I’d like to focus on DAZ Studio and YOU.

So, here’s the 5 areas in which DAZ Studio excels:


1. Easy To Use With Incredible User Interface

Out of all the applications out there, DAZ Studio has by far the best and easiest User Interface. It’s logical, newbie (and pro) friendly and 100% customizable with large icons. You can move the windows, resize them and even turn them off to save space (and headache). No other 3D application in the market can touch the ease of use here… And I’m comparing to Vue, Lightwave, Blender, Poser, Carrara and 3D Max Studio. It’s just that good and let’s face it, it IS shocking, since most applications are incredibly complex to use. And DAZ Studio is for free!


2. Perfect Vehicle For Newbies Up To Pro Level – Still 3D Art And 3D Animation

See, when looking at a 3D sofware, you want to be sure that you can grow with it and that it will grow with you. You will become better, you will become more advanced as a 3D artist, and you want the software to reflect that. DAZ Studio is robust, fast and offers incredible power at your fingertips. With the new Ndivia Iray render engine that’s fully integrated with DAZ Studio 4.8, you have a non-biased (simply put natural and reall good looking) render capabilities and image creation normally found in more advanced (and expensive) 3D applications.

In another words: Your 3D art will look darn good. And it better, since you will invest hours into your 3D art and don’t want the software to limit you in any way.

Heck, we have 3D artists in Hollywood using DAZ Studio in movie production settings, so it really holds up. I’ve been using it since 2005, and I’m well familar with DAZ 3D, the guys behind DAZ Studio. They take care of it like their baby. They listen. They care. They update it regulary. They even got awards for their amazing character / figure platform (more on that in a moment). Hands on, there is no other application that is so versatile; which is pretty shocking… Since DAZ Studio is a free application.

See a quick behind the scenes video of a DAZ Studio image right from the get-go, including some Photoshop enhancing… (video is speeded a few times)

You can design still 3D Art (images), and even 3D animations (video). The only thing it doesn’t have inegrated (yet), is a process called 3D modeling. But everything else (and then SOME), you can AND WILL do with ease.

Get Started With DAZ Studio and our quick and easy video guide + ebook HERE..


3. Gorgeous 3D Women, Grungy Sci-Fi Settings And Dark Forests

Let’s face it. 3D art is limitless. One day you want to create an image of a gorgeous bikini dressed perfectly looking woman. The very next day you’ll want to ruin something grungy looking in a cool sci-fi theme. And today you might be into scaring kids with an ugly monster, alien or hag… You want to have ready to use environments, 3D actors, clothing and hair, so it’s fun from day one. All this is called 3D content, and there’s plenty of free stuff, $1.99 stuff and up to collect, and mix and match beyond your dreams. Everything is 100% customizable. You’re the boss. You’re the director.

Still as of today, I feel like a kid with candy. It’s so much fun posing people, making them sit, adjust their hair, make up… Clothing, whether they sit on a chair, or the floor. Whether there’s a car driving by. Whether you’re inside a studio setting or a large scale asian village. Whether you want to dress a blonde in heels and stockings and create stunning studio portraits, or if you want to create a war zone, there’s no limits but your own imagination.

DAZ 3D created a world wide recognized character / figure application, called Genesis. With Geneis 3, they are just making it ridiculously easy to create gorgeous female, male (and alien for that matter) images using DAZ Studio. DAZ 3D has created the biggest, best (and best priced) 3D content market on the planet. It’s just THAT good. No other software has this in place with the scope, ease of use and incredible pricing that DAZ Studio has. Shocking to say the least, since it’s still a free 3D application. And not like Vue, that give away a lite version for free. DAZ Studio is the PRO version, the top version. The all included version.

Get Started With DAZ Studio and our quick and easy video guide + ebook HERE.


4. Hello, Anybody There?

The importance of community is priceless. DAZ 3D have over 1 million DAZ Studio downloads, and their forums are filled with vibrant conversations and help. It doesn’t help if something is for free, if there’s nobody there. The moment you join, you become part of the family. And you WILL feel welcomed. You can make sure there is other 3D artists that share your particular visual style. People you can interact with. Make friends. Or just, stay away from the community and create 3D art on your own. The choice is yours.

There’s nothing that even comes close to this community.

Get Started With DAZ Studio and our quick and easy video guide + ebook HERE.


5. Step By Step And Off You Go

3D art is fun, when you know what to do and in which order. And why. Hands down, you can grab DAZ Studio and start creating awesome 3D art today–when  you know what to do. With the right guidence, it’s easy to get into and gives immediate results–but as with any craft, it takes a while to master. Therefore, I’ve got something special for you right now…

By using DAZ Studio on a daily basis for the last 11 years, I’ve come to know this amazing piece of software as an extension of my own arm. In front of you right now, is a free set of short videos: “7 Steps To Great 3D Art Now”, that will guide you along DAZ Studio step by step. Exactly what is 3D art, and how to create stunning DAZ Studio art quickly and easily.

But I didn’t settle there. You will also receive a free ebook that will show you how you can conquer as much as 91% of DAZ Studio in 3 hours or less. Yes, there’s that one magic technique, that when you know it and know how to apply it–it will DRAMATICALLY improve your 3D art and instantly set you apart.

Get Started With DAZ Studio and our quick and easy video guide + ebook HERE.


And that’s it, Now What?

Pretty much, you have two choices right now. Either pick the step by step guide that has helped over 235,000 DAZ Studio artists love their art since 2005, or simply try it out on your own (for a couple of years). Trust me, you don’t want the latter option. I’ve seen it, and it ain’t pretty.

I’ve put everything in one place HERE. Free DAZ Studio dowload, the starter videos and ebook in a quick and simple starter kit, ready to take you on an incredible journey. A journey starting right now:

Get it HERE 100% for free.

Now go out there, have fun and enjoy your 3D art…

See you inside!

– Val Cameron, CEO and founder Dreamlight

“Helping DAZ Studio Artists Love Their Art And Income Since 2005”

P.S. Start creating gorgeous DAZ Studio 3D art today completely for free: Download DAZ Studio, our starter videos and ebook HERE.


Happily sharing how to create great 3D & 2D art in DAZ Studio, Lightwave and Photoshop, Val Cameron, CEO and founder of Dreamlight, has been coaching and mentoring hundreds of thousands of artists since 2005. Bestselling DAZ 3D vendor with over 230+ video tutorials, plug ins and light sets.


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  1. Kevin Black October 18, 2015 at 2:54 pm #

    The links to the videos are broken.

    • Val October 29, 2015 at 9:21 am #

      Hi Kevin, thanks for the headsup. They are working on our end, but we are aware that on some systems they create an error.

  2. Kurt October 18, 2015 at 6:37 pm #

    Very fair review. Also the install manager makes installing premium content a snap. A vast improvement over the old way of installing products. For non DAZ content imported, the user interface is customizable to make saving and finding the content easy. And all premium content and software purchased as DAZ is saved in the user profile forever, no need to backup. So many things to like!

  3. sydney October 19, 2015 at 4:58 am #

    Not sure what I’m doing wrong but the videos steadfastly refuse to download to my PC (using Opera browser). Am I missing something important? Thanx.

    • Val October 29, 2015 at 9:21 am #

      Hi Sydney, sorry to hear that. Please connect with our support center located at top right.

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