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daz-studio-4-6-screenshotDAZ Studio 4.6 – Tutorial For Beginners

DAZ Studio 4.6 Beginners Guide Tutorial

If you are new to 3D stuff and want to get a jump start on the learning curve, here is a great place to start. This short (8 mins) video tutorial outlines how you can make the most of the DAZ 3D software to create quick, free and easy to make cartoons!

The cool thing about this tutorial, is that it was created by a beginner (self proclaimed) so there is no heavy technical jargon, just the raw meat and potatoes so that you can use the free 3D software to easily create and render simple cartoons.

If you try to download some free figures for  DAZ 4.6 and you find that you get a run time folder, have a look HERE for some tips on getting that to work 🙂

-Val Cameron/Dreamlight

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