Cineware by Maxon Live 3D Pipeline Update

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Cineware By Maxon Live 3D Pipeline Update

Earlier this fall Adobe planned to upgrade to After Effects CC. More recently Maxon has now announced updates to its Cineware live 3D pipeline. This connects the Adobe software with Cinema 4D, which is currently in version R15. Cineware enables its users to open any 3D file supported by Cinema 4D inside After Effects. This then gives users time-saving options to edit and tweak their sequences like composing passes, with ease. With the use of Cineware, users can also export cameras, lights and solids to a .c4d file straight from within After Effects.


After Effects CC, which is currently in version 12.1, includes many improved features since its previous release as a Creative Cloud-centric product earlier this year, among these are the new media browser and the automatic mask tracker. Improvements in speed, for example the 60 percent faster 3D camera tracker and warp stabilizer analysis, as well as far better integration with Retina-display Macs also came on stream. Cinema 4D Broadcast or Studio clients can now, through Cineware, connect to Sketch & Toon as well as the Cinema 4D physical renderer. This works with Intel’s Embree Raytracing Engine and produces optimal speeds. This allows artists to gain access to far more cinematic camera functions.

Here is a short clip showing the changes that were introduced earlier this year:

The new Cineware enhancemets are great for power users and beginners alike. Pros who use Studio and Broadcast versions of Cinema 4D have access to more settings now in the Dialog Box so that they can set the version of Cinema 4D (R14 or later) they want to use when they are ready to launch Cineware. Alternatively, beginner After Effects CC users are introduced to the software by way of Cinema 4D Lite. This is a somewhat limited but yet robust version of Cinema 4D. This version allows artists to create, import, texture and animate their 3D content that they need to render inside After Effects.

-Val Cameron/Dreamlight

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