CG Textures Forbids Its Content In Second Life


CG Textures Forbids Its Content In Second Life

Just a few months ago, and without much ado, Linden Lab released their new Terms of Service for Second Life, their popular multiplayer 3D environment.  The new Terms require users to agree to them prior to their being allowed to log onto the service. The new Terms of Service agreement was rewritten totally stripping ownership rights from content creators.  With the new agreement, Linden Lab claims the right to do absolutely anything at all that it wants to with uploaded content, ““… for any purpose whatsoever in all formats, on or through any media, software, formula or medium now known or hereafter developed.”  And this includes, with no limit or compensation, the right to “sell, re-sell, sub-license, modify, display…” and “…make derivative works of.”

On Thursday, September 12, 2013 Linden Labs made this statement.

Peter Gray public relations officer for Second Life made a statement to  Living in a Modern World as well as New World Notes. The essence of his statement indicated that people should not interpret the new terms as a content grab.  “Linden Lab respects the proprietary rights of Second Life’s content creators,” he stated. ”We regret that our intention in revising our Terms of Service to streamline our business may have been misconstrued by some as an attempt to appropriate Second Life residents’ original content.”  However, in all of this, the Terms of Service remain unchanged.

The general consensus among the Second Life users is that they are not pleased with the new terms.


They are divided in to three main areas of complaint:

  • There are those that think that the ToS is unenforceable, since the user base is from all over the world and laws vary from country to country and in some countries the Linden Lab Terms of Service may be void.
  • Others think that if the ToS is, actually enforceable (this is the majority), that the chances are pretty great that the Linden Lab legal team wrote them with no concern as to the affect it would have on the content creators.
  • Yet others also think that the ToS was intentionally worded, and that it clearly shows that Linden Lab couldn’t care less what their users think, as they are making an attempt to make the content legally accessible to a potential purchasor of Second Life if or when they sell.

More information about the new terms and the upheaval surrounding them can be found here.

-Val Cameron/Dreamlight

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  1. Emrys November 10, 2013 at 6:49 pm #

    I’m curious how this will affect people who market to both Renderosity and Second Life.

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