CG Illustration – The Incredible Hulk PS Tutorial


CG Illustration – The Incredible Hulk PS Tutorial

(Tutorial adapted from : Blur’s good brush 4.0 pro from Yang Xueguo)

A brief overview of Light Shadows and Blending is important as a foundation to this tutorial. Essentially the basics for digital painting.

Because light plays such a pivotal role in your painting, it is important to select the correct light source before you go to far in your work, to avoid having to re-do it later on. Light affects shadows, shading, environment etc.

Shadows are also very important as they give the object depth, realism and a natural appearance. Be sure that you pay attention to the details of how the shadows are formed in differing light sources…see image below:


Blending is also important. There are a number of proper blending methods, you can use blending tools or a soft brush and color picker.

CG Illustration Tutorial Tips

So now that the basics for a great digital illustration are covered 🙂 You will need to create a new document 3000 X 4000 pixels so that it is large enough and so that you don’t have to start all over again if you need it in a bigger size. See image below…


For the purposes of this tutorial – a brush tool is used predominantly with a tablet. “Select a hard round brush: “B” and then press F5 to access the brush panel. Set your ‘Flow Jitter’ to pen pressure and then check ‘smoothing’ on. (See below)


Now you will want to set your brush size to 4 pixels and do a rough sketch of your character.


Here you can change the brush size to 3 Pixels and add more details, expressions, wrinkles etc. Then you can duplicate your sketch layer 2-3 times so that the light strokes you made in the sketch are now visible. Now you are ready for some color!

You will need to choose your color palate. Getting the right colors is a very important step of course and you will want to choose a neutral color for the background like #46563c for example. Also select a soft round brush.

Then you can add colors with a large soft round brush. You are not actually coloring the character here but simply choosing the colors for your color palate.


Now we will block the color.

Now we can start adding the colors to the character. You will want to delete the layer in which you added colors to make your color palate.

Choose a default chalk brush of 44 pixels, set the color to #506320 and add the color to your character as a base color. Now simply change the brush color to #01080b and define your hair area.

You can change the size of your brush where ever  needed so as to speed up the coloring process.

Have fun!!

-Val Cameron/Dreamlight

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