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3D Artist Profile

Moongate: Investigation – Featured Artist, Kurt Rickerd


Moongate – Investigation – Artist: Kurt Rickerd (May 2013 Contest Winner) After speaking with our most recent winner about his winning piece “Mongate – Investigation” it was great to find that he had really had a lot of fun creating this piece. Our Featured 3D Artist Kurt Rickerd Kurt Rickerd outlines for us here the techniques […]

iron man 3 image

More on Iron Man 3: VFX Barrel of Monkeys Air Force One Scene – How?


  Visual Effects in Barrel Monkey Scene: In a recent interview on with 3 of the special effects masters behind the hot new movie Iron man 3, Chris Townsend, the film’s Visual Effects Supervisor explained how the famour Barrel of Monkey’s scene was created using digital effects. Townsend explained that Iron Man 3 had […]


Iron Man 3 – 3D Photo-Real Holographic Approach


Photo property of The blockbuster box office hit Disney/Marvel Studios superhero sequel, Iron Man 3 is chock full of hundreds of 2D and 3D visual effects. Maxon a developer of professional 3D painting, modelling, rendering and animation solutions announced that Cantina Creative (a design and visual effects studio in California USA) used Maxon’s popular […]


LightWave Talent – Amazing Inspiration from Japan

2 Japanese Power Artist Displays Amazing LightWave Talent Naoya Kurisu, a freelance “CG Creator” from Japan has stolen the show and has recently been awarded the title of Power Artist. Naoya left the corporate hustle and bustle to become a freelance artist, and although he initially focused on architectural engineering, he has now broadened his […]

Playstation 4 new 3D graphics

PS4 Improvements – Great Potential for 3D Artists Working on Game Graphics


PS4 Graphics – Chris McMahon What can we expect from the new PlayStation 4? Well, it’s here – 2013 the release of the new console. Among the new gaming devices that are competing for market share are Ouya, Gamestick and Steambox. Mobile devices are showing their muscle with the powerful new tablets and handheld devices. […]

What is 3D graphics anyway?


When we paint in a 2D painting program, such as Photoshop or The Gimp, we paint directly on a rectangular area that has width and height. Similar to painting an oil-painting on a canvas. It´s called 2 Dimentional (2D), because of the two dimentions used, width and height. 3D graphics is different. It adds another […]