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beginners 3D design resources

Beginners 3D Design – 5 Cool Resources To Give You A Leg Up


Image source: 5 Cool Resources To Give You A Leg Up in Beginners 3D Design… If you are thinking of becoming the next great 3D designer, and have no clue where to start, here are a few places you can start looking for some guidance on your journey. As with anything of course, nothing […]

metal sparks CS6

CS6 After Effects – Dramatic Dripping Metal Sparks


Christopher Kenworthy explains how to perfect this metal sparks dripping effect A cool movie effect that we often see is dripping sparks. With spaceship crashes, or after some natural disaster, sparks fly. More often than not, third-party plugins are used to achieve this effect by the creation of complex particles. However, although plugins work well […]

3D coat V4

3D – Coat Version 4 – 3D Graphics Tool Kit


Image Courtesy of Pilgway released it’s updated version:  3D Coat V4 …earlier this year and the updates in this painting and sculpting toolkit are wowing 3D artists everywhere. The following 4.28 min video is an overview of the main toolsets/features in 3D Coat V4 The video was primarily for promotional purposes and is not a […]

smooth skin with photoshop

Secrets to Smoother Skin Textures Using Basic Photoshop Filters


London Based Designer and Retoucher Ben Secret Reveals His “Secrets” to Smoother Skin Textures Ben Secret shares his method of alternating High Pass and blur filters on layers to get smoother skin in Photoshop It is not at all unusual for studio-shot images to show up with skin blotches. This is made more visible under […]