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9 Days Left To Vote for the 3D World CG Awards 2013


3D World CG Awards 2013 Now you can make your voice heard in the celebration of the technology and artistry behind the global CG industry 3D World, one of the world’s leading magazines for 3D artists and animators, is spearheading a recognition of artistry and technology. A Bit  More About 3D World CG Awards 2013 […]

my first love

Dreamlight 3D “I Love You” June Contest 1st Place Win


“My First Love” – Dreamlight 3D June Contest 1st Place Winner – Jennifer Drake (dragon01)  Dreamlight 3D Monthly Themed Contest… Jennifer Drake is this month’s contest winner, pulling in the first prize with her cute image entitled, “My First Love.” We spoke with Jennifer, and she said that this piece was inspired by her  son, […]