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Old Fashioned?


Old Fashioned? (Image courtesy of DAZ) Well, I do not know about you, but, I have always loved black and white images… Done properly, they can express far more than color images… and there is always something in them that drives your imagination … I know I did a few quick renders in black and white a few weeks […]


I Need a Break in the Forest!


I Need a Break in the Forest! by flipmode : Another busy and stressful week…. Tanning all week behind a computer screen… A lot of us are in this state…. Sometimes, we dream of a green forest, on a shiny day…and just walking under the trees, taking care not to walk on a mushroom, feeling […]


The Power of Morph


The Power of Morph I’m always amazed by the creativity of some artists!! 3D CG is a never ending source of knowledge. You just need skills, good tools, the “know how”…and inspiration… Just last week, I saw on DAZ’s website two amazing products. They caught my attention not because they were ravishing beauties, but because it seems so […]


Want to Feel the Sound of Silence?


Want to Feel the Sound of Silence? Noise and stress…… We are all a little overwhelmed by them… Sometimes, we dreaming of large spaces, nice colors, places where imagination can begin to flow… There is a place in the world full of silence where no one can hear you…..Space. Just browse your internet and type “space” […]


The Shades of Grey


The Shades of Grey Inspiration can come from anywhere. Sometimes, I’m struggling to get the right color aspect, the right camera angle, spending time to test and see if everything looks good only to discover that the whole thing isn’t worth a dime….. And I remember those classy old fashioned photographs, full of atmosphere, of […]


Now You Have the Perfect Character – What Background Will You Use?


Now You Have the Perfect Character – What Background Will You Use? It always comes back to the same question…. You just start loading a character, you find the right texture, a good pose, a nice cloth and hair that fits well….but….what will you put around the character to create that perfect looking image you are after? Every time […]


Are Eyes Really the Mirror of Our Soul?


Are Eyes Really the Mirror of Our Soul? Ever wonder why your character looks flat and lifeless? You did the work, set your camera, your lights, adjusted the shader and rendered…..yet, the result is just a 3D image… You did your best but yet something is still missing… Your character doesn’t somehow come alive… The Secret…It’s All […]