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Oculus Rift Development Kit Virtual Reality At Its Best


Source:  Oculus Rift Development Kit The Oculus Rift Development Kit is intended for developers and is not really for consumers at this point. The going price is USD $300 and you can order HERE to ship for December 2013. The Oculus Rift uses 2 lenses in a ski mask-designed head-mounted display. The two lenses combine forming […]


Careers in 3D


Careers in 3D If you’re interested in starting a career in 3D computer graphics, here are a few resources to assist you in your selection. A career in 3D has openings for artists and technically minded people alike. There are a number of sites that you can go to so that you can learn what […]


‘Final Fantasy VII’ Figures Pulled From the Market


Artist Joaquin Baldwin’s 3D printed Final Fantasy VII figures Final Fantasy VII Figures – Joaquin Baldwin Artist Joaquin Baldwin thrilled gaming fans with his creation of stunning 3D-printed Final Fantasy VII figures — however,unfortunately they are no longer on the market due to recent actions taken by developer Square Enix. A report from CNET states […]


Free Animated 3-D HTML5 Ads In Minutes


3-D HTML5 Ads – Google Web Designer On September 30 2013 Google released its brand new software for creating adaptable and universally usable rich ads in just a few minutes. Whether you are a 3D expert or a newbie, you will be able to create 3D ads for any platform and fast! If you want […]


Render Boost Plugin for Photo-Realistic 3D Rendering of Interior Design Images


Source of Image: Render Boost Plugin – Live Interior 3D The new Render Boost plugin for Live Interior 3D has opened up a whole new realm for interior designers. This really cool rendering tool helps its users to export their projects to photo-realistic, high res images. For professional designers and home improvement enthusiasts alike, the […]

Why 3D vendors seldom make it really big


There are many great ways to start selling your 3D products without actually learning to sell. Take or as an example. With a great product that´s niched and unique, you can sell several 100´s or even 1000´s of copies over a few years. So how come content creators seldom make it big? Well, […]

How to create a bestselling product


A marketplace will quickly become cluttered with endless copies of similar products. Usually, if something is selling, then you can assume that creating something similar will sell as well. Sure, you can produce better and higher quality products, but trust me – this will not set you apart. So what does create a bestseller? Find […]