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3D Animation – Essential Tools Of The Trade


Hardware and Software for your Animation Was wondering what was out there in terms of the basic hardware and software needed for animation. From the Animation School Online, they give you a list of what you will need. Hardware A PC or Mac that you can run the chosen software on, such as a free […]


Spheree – Around The Sun And Across The Universe


Spheree A while back we did a post about Siggraph 2014, so here is one technology that was presented there. Found out about this on the IEEE Spectrum website in a post by Jeremy Hsu, who was writing about Spheree, a spherical display that lets you see 3D animations at any angle. This technology was […]


Who’s responsible for the living dead?

0 Animation in 2014 I was interested in looking at a very few of the 2014 animated movies to see who is behind the effects. How to train your dragon 2  Release date: June 2014  Directed by Dean DeBlois, who also wrote the script along with Cressida Cowell.  Studio: DreamWorks Animation, with just a few […]


Way Better Than Goals (Makes You Actually Achieve Them)


Way Better Than Goals (Makes You Actually Achieve Them) Are you a goal-getter, super achiever and always aiming for achieving new goals? Or maybe you’re someone that has set up your goals but never seem to get them? Then you will benefit GREATLY from what I have in store for you today. It doesn’t matter […]


Sell Your Stuff with 3DBin – 360 degree animation

2 3DBin – 360 degree animation We’ve looked at similar software before, where you make a 3D model by walking around an object and taking a bunch of photos, which then allows you to create a 3D-printed version. Animate your photos Here we find we can walk around an object and make a 3D animation. […]


3D Saved My Life (I Wanted To Jump Out Of The Window)


February 2008… I was sitting at my job’s office desk, and couldn’t breathe. I was full of anxiety, coffee and pills to kill the anxiety… There I was, like any other morning, doing the same stuff I did the day before. Caught in a loop of boredom, feeling boxed in, unappreciated and underpaid. Common, I had […]


Throw Out The Mouse! – New Joystick For Animators

1 Throw Out The Mouse! – New Joystick For Animators This software and hardware allow an animator to physically manipulate an object, which the software instantly translates into movement. Yes, this replaces using a mouse to change movements a frame at a time. Go from defining joint angles with a 2D mouse to shaping 3D […]


There’ll Be 600 Things To Do At SIGGRAPH2014

0 What’s SIGGRAPH 2014? SIGGRAPH stands for the Special Interest Group on GRAPHics and Interactive Techniques. The first SIGGRAPH conference was held in 1974 and is held in different locations across the United States and Canada. Since 2008, a second conference has been held in Asia every year in December. During the autumn in Finland […]


Double Negative Merger Opens Up Careers in VFX


Source: Double Negative Merger Opens Up Careers in VFX Merger… Double Negative and Prime Focus World have merged under the name of the Double Negative brand. Prime Focus founder and current CEO of Prime Focus World, Namit Malhotra says, “Prime Focus has proven over the last five years the undeniable benefits of global collaboration: the […]


Featured Artist Mavrosh Stratiotis

0 Featured Artist Mavrosh Stratiotis Mavrosh works as a media designer professionally but displays her private work only with the profile Mavrosh on DeviantArt. She writes, “Job is job and hobby is hobby”. Her preferred medium (privately): Digital mixed media. She loves texture work, character creation, lighting 3D scenes and painting digitally. Mavrosh writes: “Fantasy […]