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Noah’s Epic Rain & the Demise of Windows XP


Source: Paramount Pictures in : This time we take a speedy ride around the Internet to see what is out there. Noah’s Epic Rain –  Flooding rains controlled by custom iPad App There is an interesting short video on creating the torrential downpour scenes in Darren Aronofsky’s Noah. Something to remember from the video is […]


Bring Your Models To Life With These Great Free 3D Textures!

3×1024/ Free 3D Textures! The last time we took a look at 3D painting and mapping. Now we turn to some downloading of free textures you can use on your models. Just a thought, before you download first check that you have the right mix of hardware and software installed on your computer. If not, […]


Ambient Occlusion Effect – A Quick And Easy Solution – 3D Max Studio


Source: Ambient Occlusion Effect – A Quick And Easy Solution Ambient occlusion can add awesome realism to your renders, but it can also be bit tedious to set up in Max, especially if you are using say a mix of mental ray shaders and standard shaders. You can also create an ambient occlusion effect by […]


Puff 3D Short Film Wins Multiple Awards


Puff Sweeps Multiple Awards at International Animation Awards : Puff 3D – Pulls in Awards! The 3D Animation Short Film, “Puff”  was awarded the Best Character Animation Category, Best Stylization and Best 3D film Gold award at 24FPS International Animation Awards.The 5 mins 33 seconds Short Film which was directed by Vijosh Nair and Harishankar […]