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Sketching: Bring Your Imagination to Life


Source: Sketching: Bring Your Imagination to Life In November 2013 an amazing book became available on Amazon. The book is entitled “Sketching from the Imagination” and is the newest of 70 books released by 3D Total on Amazon. Concepts or  thoughts are where all great ideas are born. Often simply scribbled in a sketch pad […]


Alameda: “New Leaf” – Rotoscoping Over 3D Animation


Source: Alameda: “New Leaf” – Rotoscoping Over 3D Animation “Alameda’s video for the track ‘New Leaf’ was described as a “labor of love” for the 3D crew responsible for its creation. The project was initiated almost two years ago as a means of exploring new techniques, paying close attention to digital rotoscoping over 3D animation. […]


Careers in 3D


Careers in 3D If you’re interested in starting a career in 3D computer graphics, here are a few resources to assist you in your selection. A career in 3D has openings for artists and technically minded people alike. There are a number of sites that you can go to so that you can learn what […]


CG Textures Forbids Its Content In Second Life


Source: CG Textures Forbids Its Content In Second Life Just a few months ago, and without much ado, Linden Lab released their new Terms of Service for Second Life, their popular multiplayer 3D environment.  The new Terms require users to agree to them prior to their being allowed to log onto the service. The new […]


CG Illustration – The Incredible Hulk PS Tutorial


Source: CG Illustration – The Incredible Hulk PS Tutorial (Tutorial adapted from : Blur’s good brush 4.0 pro from Yang Xueguo) A brief overview of Light Shadows and Blending is important as a foundation to this tutorial. Essentially the basics for digital painting. Because light plays such a pivotal role in your painting, it is important to select […]


Render Boost Plugin for Photo-Realistic 3D Rendering of Interior Design Images


Source of Image: Render Boost Plugin – Live Interior 3D The new Render Boost plugin for Live Interior 3D has opened up a whole new realm for interior designers. This really cool rendering tool helps its users to export their projects to photo-realistic, high res images. For professional designers and home improvement enthusiasts alike, the […]


SketchUp 2013 – Trimble’s Newest Version of 3D Modeling Platform


SketchUp 2013 At the end of May, 2013, Trimble released SketchUp 2013. This is Trimble’s most recent version of their 3D modeling platform used by millions of architects, building and design professionals and engineers around the globe. SketchUp 2013 is the first major update since Trimble acquired SketchUp from Google in April 2012. SketchUp 2013: 3D for Professionals and Hobbyists Now, […]


Ramon Bruin’s 3D Sketches that Come Alive – Creatures and Objects Emerging Out of Paper


Come fly with me: Three airplanes appear to take flight from the cleverly placed papers on the floor, Ramon Bruin (UK Daily Mail) The UK Daily Mail newspaper recently published an article containing some awesome 3D sketches. The article outlines the work of a Dutch artist that has created a series of 3D sketches using “a […]