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Want to Feel the Sound of Silence?


Want to Feel the Sound of Silence? Noise and stress…… We are all a little overwhelmed by them… Sometimes, we dreaming of large spaces, nice colors, places where imagination can begin to flow… There is a place in the world full of silence where no one can hear you…..Space. Just browse your internet and type “space” […]


Now Import 3D Animation Into Photoshop CC

1 From a post on the Gamasutra website (the Art and Business of Making Games), I learned that we can now “Import 3D animated characters into Photoshop CC”. Source image: This service is provided in collaboration with the animation company Mixamo. Source image: The Mixamo website explains that: “With Mixamo, Photoshop CC 2014 […]


Add Sizzle & Pop To Your Renders – Free and Low Cost Photoshop Actions


Abstract Photoshop Actions Here is a selection of renders and photoshop actions that you can use to add that something extra to your renders. We’ve got something from these naturally inspired foliage renders to explosives and watercolor effects. Remember to check that what you are wanting to download is compatible with your computer and the […]


Featured Artist Mavrosh Stratiotis

0 Featured Artist Mavrosh Stratiotis Mavrosh works as a media designer professionally but displays her private work only with the profile Mavrosh on DeviantArt. She writes, “Job is job and hobby is hobby”. Her preferred medium (privately): Digital mixed media. She loves texture work, character creation, lighting 3D scenes and painting digitally. Mavrosh writes: “Fantasy […]


Get A Head Start On Everyone Else…!


Source: “Get the head start on everyone else and develop your art!” Featured Artist: Daniel Eskridge Daniel Eskridge lives in the Metro-Atlanta area, where, by day he works as a software engineer. But, by night he is a 3D render artist. He has dual degrees from the University of Georgia, one in Computer Science, the […]


Featured Artist The Mysterious Landscapes of Dieter Carlton


Source of image: Dieter Carlton This week’s Featured Artist’s profile states, “Dieter Carlton is a well-known American artist whose works have won numerous top awards in top-rated art shows and venues throughout the United States, as well as world-wide web art contests.” Also, “Carlton’s style of art is particularly popular for its variety, realism, […]

digital painting and sculpting

Digital Painting and Sculpting Software

0 Digital Painting and Sculpting Software Thought we would take a look at what painting and sculpting software is available from those behind the special effects and characters created for film and otherwise. They all offer trial periods and video tutorials. Very definitely NOT free!!! The Foundry Offers ‘State of the art 3D painting’. The […]