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Free 3D Models


Free 3D Models: As written on one of the Dreamlight 3D webpages, Creativity does not fit in a box. At times we need a little help in the way of some free 3d models, to get the creative juices flowing. Maybe all we need is a new background to spark a new story line to […]


3D Animation Using Daz3D And Lightwave

7 This time I thought we’d take a look at the Daz3D products for animating your CG characters. AniMate As the name suggests AniMate is geared to helping you create movement for your Daz3D characters. You can also choose from many blocked animation options that will make the task of moving your characters around a […]


3D Scanned Body – Human Skin As Landscape


Source image: Usual story, while I was looking for something else I came across the following article by Margaret Rhodes on Wired. She was writing about a new video put out by a British band Duologue’s for their song Memex Pictured above, is one of the stills. Rhodes writes that those behind the video, the […]


City Blocks In A Box


Source image: City blocks in a box Thought we’d look at the Daz3D gallery and see what people are doing for buildings and city backgrounds. Urban environments Urban sprawl can mean a lot of different things, from the poetic background shown in the image Cairo by nefertiabet all the way through to the wildest […]


Actors, Chainsaws, And Shark- Filled Tornadoes


News from LightWave 3D Actors, chainsaws, and shark-filled tornadoes come together on TV (shown 30 July 2014). The creative team at The Asylum turned to LightWave 3D software for 99 percent of the visual effects for the sequel to the Syfy Network’s popular Sharknado. Here is the trailer on YouTube: LightWave also worked with […]


3D Rendering That Pops


Source image: 3D Rendering – Improving your 3D Renders Taking a look around the web, I see there are a number of videos out there about improving your renders, using different techniques such as lighting, camera angles or painting. Here are a few. First, here is a video tutorial from Flipped Normals on YouTube, […]


Ahoy 3D Pirate… Your Treasure Map And Island Ahead


Ahoy 3D Pirate… Your Treasure Map And Island Ahead… Save Up To 92.5% In Dreamlight’s Biggest Loot Festival, As The Doors To The New Store Open… You up for a real treasure hunt? Sail right over to our New Store (here) where we’ve slashed prices by up to 92.5% on over 80 items*. See below […]


First Men Walking On The Moon, Now This?


Source: Awesome future predicted! Took a quick look around the Web to see what was going on, here are just a few notes and links of things we may need to be keeping track of. Project Tango Project Tango is from Google Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) division, which is developing a mobile device […]


I Nearly Threw My Computer Out The Window …


Deedee Davis Featured Artist – Deedee Davis “Inspired by great fantasy artists, great stories … songs … and …men” Dreamlight: What motivated you to get started in 3D? Around 2002, I bought a PS1 and started gaming. The first game I got (Soul Reaver) had an awesome sequence at the beginning that made me really […]