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Secrets of blockbuster FX (video)


Secrets of blockbuster FX I admit that I can’t just watch a video or a movie without trying to figure out how the effect was created. And, I may not be the first to write this, but it is true that the best VFX are the ones you don’t notice. I would also add that […]

digital painting and sculpting

Digital Painting and Sculpting Software

0 Digital Painting and Sculpting Software Thought we would take a look at what painting and sculpting software is available from those behind the special effects and characters created for film and otherwise. They all offer trial periods and video tutorials. Very definitely NOT free!!! The Foundry Offers ‘State of the art 3D painting’. The […]


Spring Has Sprung – 3D Fun


Source: Spring Has Sprung – 3D Fun Spring has finally arrived in some parts of the world. So perhaps we can be forgiven for thinking of getting outside. There are some flower models and magical beasts on offer, and a few tutorials on how to create landscapes, grassy areas or a fake lake. Daz3D To […]


BBC News Release – Millions of Cool Free Images


Source: BBC News Release – Millions of Cool Free Images The world’s largest photo agency Getty Images Inc. has announced it will be offering about 35 million photos free for use. (For more info: As you can see from the banner (above), the gettyimages® gallery on the Internet will be closed from the 12 […]


Landscape Photoactions – Speed Up Your Editing


Landscape Photoactions Concentrating on landscape Some Photoshop actions you might want to try. Why would you be needing them? Maybe to save a little time editing! With the following action the creators won’t mind you using Actions, but they do ask you to give them a credit. Now, moving outside, this is perhaps one of my favorite […]


Lookalike Faces in Daz3D and Hexagon


Source: Lookalike Faces in Daz3D and Hexagon (Adapted Tutorial) Deslea of Deviantart has created a really helpful PDF on “Lookalike Faces in Daz3d and Hexagon”. The tutorial (PDF) is 18 pages long, and contains screenshot walks throughs for the development high quality facial lookalikes in Daz3D and Hexagon. These concepts will apply in some cases […]


3D Artist – Karl And His Journey

0 3D Artist – Karl And His Journey Karl, a father of 3 has his formal training in computer programming, and he pursued graphics as more of a “niche career.” In addition to computer graphics, Karl enjoys computer games, sci-fi movies, reading, and creative writing. The following image is Karl’s first ever render: “Sephie Close up” […]