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Double Negative Merger Opens Up Careers in VFX


Source: Double Negative Merger Opens Up Careers in VFX Merger… Double Negative and Prime Focus World have merged under the name of the Double Negative brand. Prime Focus founder and current CEO of Prime Focus World, Namit Malhotra says, “Prime Focus has proven over the last five years the undeniable benefits of global collaboration: the […]


Featured Artist Mavrosh Stratiotis

0 Featured Artist Mavrosh Stratiotis Mavrosh works as a media designer professionally but displays her private work only with the profile Mavrosh on DeviantArt. She writes, “Job is job and hobby is hobby”. Her preferred medium (privately): Digital mixed media. She loves texture work, character creation, lighting 3D scenes and painting digitally. Mavrosh writes: “Fantasy […]


Got Any Groundbreaking Creative 3D Ideas?


Source: Groundbreaking Creative 3D Ideas and Growing Up Digital Found some interesting stuff, for example here is an article by Jane Wakefield, BBC Technology reporter, on whether we should be protecting our children from the digital world Source: The author cited in her article is Don Tapscott who wrote the book Grown Up Digital and […]


Get A Head Start On Everyone Else…!


Source: “Get the head start on everyone else and develop your art!” Featured Artist: Daniel Eskridge Daniel Eskridge lives in the Metro-Atlanta area, where, by day he works as a software engineer. But, by night he is a 3D render artist. He has dual degrees from the University of Georgia, one in Computer Science, the […]


First Men Walking On The Moon, Now This?


Source: Awesome future predicted! Took a quick look around the Web to see what was going on, here are just a few notes and links of things we may need to be keeping track of. Project Tango Project Tango is from Google Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) division, which is developing a mobile device […]


I Nearly Threw My Computer Out The Window …


Deedee Davis Featured Artist – Deedee Davis “Inspired by great fantasy artists, great stories … songs … and …men” Dreamlight: What motivated you to get started in 3D? Around 2002, I bought a PS1 and started gaming. The first game I got (Soul Reaver) had an awesome sequence at the beginning that made me really […]


Featured Artist The Mysterious Landscapes of Dieter Carlton


Source of image: Dieter Carlton This week’s Featured Artist’s profile states, “Dieter Carlton is a well-known American artist whose works have won numerous top awards in top-rated art shows and venues throughout the United States, as well as world-wide web art contests.” Also, “Carlton’s style of art is particularly popular for its variety, realism, […]


Getting started in 3D!

0 Getting started in 3D! How many times has someone asked you how they can get started doing what you are doing? I know that every so often someone asks me what he or she will need to get started with 3D. I usually tell them to watch a few YouTube tutorials to get an […]


3D Featured Artist Hera Of Stockholm


Source: 3D Featured Artist  Hera Of Stockholm This week’s featured artist is hera-of-stockholm, who I found on deviantART. Her work is rich in story, internal, reflective, sometimes funny and futuristic. She writes in her Journal entry for 31 March 2014 on deviantART that she has just won the KoSa award (Kingdom of Sweden award) […]


Featured Artist Marcos DK Prieto


Source: Featured artist Marcos DK Prieto This week we focus on the work of Marcos DK Prieto, digital artist and fantasy writer. You can find his Web site ‘Un Paseo por los sueños’ (A walk through dreams) here. Source of photo: His Facebook fan page can be found here And he writes a blog […]