What Can I Do With A Naked Woman (Or Man)


Source Image: donnadomenitzo.deviantart.com

What Can I Do With A Naked Woman (Or Man)

Now, let’s take a look of the use of the nude or almost nude using Daz3D. The images were all taken from Deviant art, male and female.

I have seen that some folks create an image with their naked man or woman who is standing like a poker in the middle of their blank background. So here are a few images that might help folks along the way to creating better artwork.

Here are some really great images from the Deviant Art Gallery: Due to the mature content, if you are viewing these images in Deviant’s Gallery, you will need to register for an account at Deviant Art if you have not already done so, and click, “display anyway”….




The next image is also by Roboman28 called, unsurprisingly, Spiders Web. I include it here because it is a beautifully rendered image even though, for some, it may border on horror! The sensation is completely opposite from the image above.


Source image: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Spiders-Web-263571481

The following image is called Got the Blues by donnaDomenitzo. This is what might be called ‘Classic Pin-up’, with the scantily dressed woman gazing out at the observer.


Take note of the patterned cushions and the zig-zag made by the staircase in the background. This is not just a pin-up shot, but a good piece of design!

Here are a few more beauties from Deviant Art’s Gallery:




This image is called Copper Blaine by Vampyric-Saiyaness, and was created using Jepes Jewels and Tears, Ron’s Birds and Ron’s Clearwater from DAZ3D. And from Renderosity, PDLeo and Zephyrus hair.


Source image: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Copper-Blaine-263698606

The artist writes, “Copper Blaine, so named for his ability to absorb and assimilate metal, copper being his specialty, hence his copper-tones.”

Slay the Monster, Rescue the Prince is a well-worked image from SickleYield, who writes it was created … “For fun, and for a thread contest at DAZ3D forums. 1970s Fantasy Art girl Olympia just came out, so I had to render a fun variation on one of the old Frazetta themes, which is “barbarian fights snake creature while person nearby is chained to something.” Of course they drugged him before they stuck him in the sacred pool. It’s not as if he would’ve just walked in there without a fight.”

The Daz products used were: Genesis (Gorgon); Genesis 2 Female (barbarian); Genesis 2 Male (captive prince); RAwArt’s Gorgon for Genesis; Olympia G2F; Nidale for Olympia skin/partial face;

Curvaceous Olympia expansion (clothes on G2M and G2F, morphs on female); Kalypso Hair(female); Mermaid Clothing G2F (gorgon’s top) and The Drowning Pool.

Rendo: SAV Alpha Hair (on G2M); SY Torso Jewels G (nip shields); SY Agile Tongues G; PD Carmen (on G2M, with the artist’s SSS shader).

Postwork was in the GIMP for water effects. Rendered in DAZ Studio 4.6 pro.



Last image, and we have already been introduced to Mavrosh’s work who seems to concentrate on creating men. Here is Appeal by Mavrosh who created Nizharu,the water genais using, as the artist writes, “DAZ3D and photoshop, as always. Character is my own.”


To wind up I have a few words to add about use of the nude or almost nude and one of them is LIGHTING! The others are IMPORTANCE OF A BACKGROUND STORY.

Otherwise, what we are looking at is just a picture and can be clicked on over and forgotten. To create work that is erotic, sexy, scary, uplifting and, not saying that an image has to be all these things at one time, you may need to have some kind of backstory that can shine right through in the final render.

Some of us may have noticed that a partially clad figure is more ‘sexy’ or interesting than a fully nude figure. This may be because much is left to the imagination.

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