Blacksmith 3D – Painting Textures in 3D


Blacksmith 3D – Painting Textures in 3D

Blacksmith 3D has been described as the ultimate 3D detailing solution. It is a stand alone 3D application that includes both 3D painting and morphing tools.

Blacksmith3D-Suite is great for professional artists and novices alike as it provides artists with easy-to-use tools to achieve precision, realistic and natural effects, and to create high quality art.

3D artists using popular modeling, animation and rendering packages find it really easy to integrate with Blacksmith3D, so they like to use it in their pipeline or even as a stand-alone product to enhance the quality of their work. 2D artists, experimenting with 3D software, find Blacksmith3D very intuitive, because of its standard 2D paint application look and feel, even though it is true 3D.

Blacksmith3D now uses 64 bit technology in Windows and Mac’s, increasing software performance and capabilities.

The image at the top of this page was done by Andre Pelser. Andre has been experimenting with organic form modeling in ShapeShop, followed by post-processing other software (texturing in Blacksmith 3D Paint, hair and final touches in Carrara 6.0 Pro).

Here is one of her pieces:An artist that uses this technique coupled with merchant resources is Joana (StudioArtVartanian). She is extrememely talented and you can take a look at her gallery HERE

3D_textures_and_morphsMitchel Character by studioartvartanian

Joana states that : “Mitchel is a fantasy but realistic character for M4. He consists of Original High Quality Textures and morphs.”

Benefits of Blacksmith3D Paint

Stacked image layers – You can easily create complex compositions using layer specific blending modes like overlay, dodge, and burn.

Unlimited resolution painting – Creates photo-realistic effects with very high resolution texture painting, and high resolution image outputs.

Projection painting – Capture specific angles of your image in Blacksmith3D, and adjustment in any painting application, then right away apply your changes in Blacksmith3D.

High resolution Displacement Mapping – Ultra high resolution real time displacement/bump maps painting tool allows users to paint and view their displacement map in real time.


Benefits of Blacksmith3D Morph

Advanced soft selections – Create tons of unique characters in a day using the intuitive and advanced soft selection based deformers.

Great selection of morph tools – Use the bulge, dent, touch-up, smooth, flatten and a wide variety of tools to create detailed elements for each morph.

Morph manager – Generate more complex morphs by mixing and matching morph targets.

Save time and optimize your workflow – by organizing, grouping, and managing selected surfaces using layers.

-Val Cameron/Dreamlight

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