Behind The Scenes Of ‘Walking With Dinosaurs: The 3D Movie’


‘Walking With Dinosaurs: The 3D Movie’ – Behind The Scenes

Walking with Dinosaurs is the newest dinosaur film produced by BBC Earth and named after their 1999 television documentary miniseries. The  computer-animated dinosaurs are shown in live-action settings. The film is directed by Neil Nightingale and Barry Cook. The footage was filmed  in the U.S. in the state of Alaska and in New Zealand. These countries were chosen due to their similarities to the dinosaurs’ surroundings millions of years ago. The production budget was $85 million. However, most of the financing was covered by pre-sales to theatrical distributors. Walking with Dinosaurs is scheduled to be released in theaters in 2D and 3D on 20 December 2013.

Here is a short video showing a behind the scenes peek at Walking with Dinosaurs 3D Movie:

Walking With Dinosaurs 3D

Step into an era where recent and really earth shattering discoveries bring to life creatures from millions of years ago in the new 3D film “Walking With Dinosaurs: The 3D Movie”The makers of the film use the latest technology developed by Animal Logic using the Fusion 3D expertise of Cameron Pace Group  (makers of “Avatar”).

“Walking With Dinosaurs” is a classic tale about Patchi, a curious and endearing Pachyrhinosaurus.  Patchi is on his journey to adulthood, as he discovers that it is no easy task living in the Cretaceous era! As Patchi and his family make their annual trek, they face major challenges, both from his siblings and from fearsome predators. This includes the sly scavenger Troodon and the terrifying Gorgon.

The film brings to life newly discovered dinosaurs. Directors Nightingale and  Cook have re-created one of the last great dinosaur eras in spectacular detail, bringing to life a world filled with famazing creatures like the Pterosaurs, a gigantic flying reptile that once soared in the Earth’s skies and Edmontosaurus, the huge duck billed dinosaurs.

The production of “Walking With Dinosaurs” has been done with an astonishing degree of accuracy. With the use of cutting edge technology, they have brought together paleontologists, world-class animators and paleo-artists to bring  life-like dinosaurs into movie theatres like never before!

-Val Cameron/Dreamlight

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