Beginners 3D Design – 5 Cool Resources To Give You A Leg Up

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5 Cool Resources To Give You A Leg Up in Beginners 3D Design…

If you are thinking of becoming the next great 3D designer, and have no clue where to start, here are a few places you can start looking for some guidance on your journey. As with anything of course, nothing beats an education from say a top-notch 3D art school, but in the meantime there are some things you can do to fast track your career or hobby move. These resources can help you hone your skills and become a valued member in any 3D art team.

1. Beginners Course at Dreamlight: the first thing we offer to someone who asks us “where do I start?” is our FREE course: It is a free 3D for beginners course, specifically for the 3D newbie 🙂 This is specifically for you if you are new to 3D or have never even seen a 3D software before!

2. 3D Animation Books:  A simple, $30 book on 3D art can help you to grasp the basics and in so doing, avoid some of the most common 3D art mistakes. Grab a few books, download some free 3D art software, and teach yourself the foundation of 3D art before trying out the more advanced 3D art courses.

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3. Forums: Forums are a really great place to connect with other like-minded people. The benefits that you gain from a forum are many and varied. If you are someone who likes having a strong support network, forum members can give you pointers about your artwork, offer criticism, and boost your self-confidence as they give you great feedback about your work. If you are a creative person who loves the whole process of developing your idea into reality, the forums are a great placeto  brainstorm ideas and work with other artists to get more ideas. Here is our Dreamlight Club Forum for a start:

4. Level Creators – Video Games: Someone who perhaps nevereven had an interest in 3D design might like to design a few levelsin a video game just for fun and discover a hidden passion for 3D art. Although these are pretty much made for you, so they won’t make you a better 3D artist, they will certainly give you a great feel for the process.

5. Blogs: Search for blogs with information about 3D graphics, texturing, modelling, lighting, animation. There is a wealth of information available. You can browse through our BLOG for some 3D news and interesting facts about 3D art as well.

-Val Cameron/Dreamlight

PS: If you want to create stunning 3d art quickly and easily using free software and free step by step starter video tutorials—envy and impress your friends or clients—make beautiful 3D art you can be proud of today, go HERE 



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