BBC Hidden Kingdoms – Tiny Cameras, Huge Screens, CGI, 3D




BBC Hidden Kingdoms – Tiny Cameras, Huge Screens, CGI, 3D

The new program BBC’s “Hidden Kingdoms” is intended to be a representation of an “interpretation” of the world that animals live in.

A spokeswoman for the BBC stated that: “This is a different approach to a traditional wildlife series. Based entirely on real behavior, it employs a unique range of filming techniques and constructed storytelling to recreate these animals’ own distinctive perspectives and to illustrate the dynamism of their lives.”

In the past 2 years the producers have used cutting edge technology using 3D cameras, miniature tracking cameras, and blue screen filming. The show is preceded by a ten minute show explaining details on how it was made.  Hidden Kingdoms recreates the incredible adventures of earth’s smaller creatures.

BBC Hidden Kingdoms

Plans are in place for more improvements by way of high-definition filming – known as 4K TV – this will bring unprecedented clarity and texture to the images, while 3D TV will continue to improve the experience for viewers. In addition to his Natural History Museum Alive show, which will recreate extinct exhibits by the use of CGI, Attenborough will make another venture into 3D television next year with his 2-part series on Sky, called The Conquest of the Skies. This program reveals how the first birds and the first flying insects, mammals and reptiles evolved.



The new wildlife documentary is getting rave reviews. One of the reasons slated for this is the technology used in watching and making the programs. From color TV to massive 50 inch screens that show HD images, to miniaturized cameras and lenses as well as devices like the heli-gimbal camera which allows cameramen to take “vibration-free images from the air and which was first used to stunning effect in the BBC’s Planet Earth series.”



The program’s primary producer is the BBC’s Natural History Unit. BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC, and CCTV9, the Chinese broadcaster’s factual channel, will join forces on Hidden Kingdoms. This is expected to guarrantee a large Chinese audience for the program.

This is wildlife like never before…and the program Hidden Kingdoms, is a 3 part series to be broadcast on BBC1 in mid-January 2014.

-Val Cameron/Dreamlight

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