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G.I.Joe Retaliation New Trailer


I remember watching the G.I.Joe cartoons as a kid,  and G.I.Joe Retaliation New Trailer sure impresses with its modern CG effects: What’s your favorite CG-movie? Feel free to comment below… – Val Cameron a.k.a. Waldemar B. / Dreamlight P.S. New to 3D but not yet a free Dreamlight 3D Club member? Join the fun HERE. […]

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Best Kept Secret To Great 3D Lighting


Are you stuck with your 3D lighting, getting inconsistent renders and don’t really know what you’re supposed to do with your lights? Then during the next 3 minutes, you’ll find a simple and easily applied solution, that will solve that problem once and for all, regardless what 3D software you’re using… Having been teaching lighting […]