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Ribbit 3D – The Frog With An Identity Crisis


Source image: Ribbit 3D The frog with an identity crisis. This post is about 3D creations in Malaysia and a later post will be about 3D in South America. Ribbit, the Malaysian made film won best family film award at the Niagara Integrated Film Festival (NIFF) 2014 in Canada in June, it is a […]


Throw Out The Mouse! – New Joystick For Animators

1 Throw Out The Mouse! – New Joystick For Animators This software and hardware allow an animator to physically manipulate an object, which the software instantly translates into movement. Yes, this replaces using a mouse to change movements a frame at a time. Go from defining joint angles with a 2D mouse to shaping 3D […]


There’ll Be 600 Things To Do At SIGGRAPH2014

0 What’s SIGGRAPH 2014? SIGGRAPH stands for the Special Interest Group on GRAPHics and Interactive Techniques. The first SIGGRAPH conference was held in 1974 and is held in different locations across the United States and Canada. Since 2008, a second conference has been held in Asia every year in December. During the autumn in Finland […]


Double Negative Merger Opens Up Careers in VFX


Source: Double Negative Merger Opens Up Careers in VFX Merger… Double Negative and Prime Focus World have merged under the name of the Double Negative brand. Prime Focus founder and current CEO of Prime Focus World, Namit Malhotra says, “Prime Focus has proven over the last five years the undeniable benefits of global collaboration: the […]


Featured Artist Mavrosh Stratiotis

0 Featured Artist Mavrosh Stratiotis Mavrosh works as a media designer professionally but displays her private work only with the profile Mavrosh on DeviantArt. She writes, “Job is job and hobby is hobby”. Her preferred medium (privately): Digital mixed media. She loves texture work, character creation, lighting 3D scenes and painting digitally. Mavrosh writes: “Fantasy […]


Got Any Groundbreaking Creative 3D Ideas?


Source: Groundbreaking Creative 3D Ideas and Growing Up Digital Found some interesting stuff, for example here is an article by Jane Wakefield, BBC Technology reporter, on whether we should be protecting our children from the digital world Source: The author cited in her article is Don Tapscott who wrote the book Grown Up Digital and […]


Formica, First Your Kitchen Counter, Now A 3D Texturing Tool!


Source: Formica – 3D Texturing Tool Free online pattern design tool Remember that kitchen counter covering … Formica? They have come up with a tool to help their clients create their own designs. Originally created for the use of architects the platform also offers an opportunity for 3D modelers to create interesting textures. I stumbled upon […]


Another Amazing First For 3D World!


Source image: World’s First VR and Immersive Content Studio From FrameStore FrameStore is known for its work on Gravity, the stereoscopic 3D work on Avatar, the game engine technology used for the Coke Polar Bears, Beats by Dre Pills and the Game of Thrones elevator. On their Website we find, “Now, we’re ready to […]


Renderman: Shading Lighting & Rendering That Pops – Free?


Source : RenderMan to be offered FREE! This news has been bouncing around for a few days now. But I include it here because some of us may have been busy doing other things and not seen it. So here it is again: RenderMan is to be offered free for non-commercial use, which includes evaluations, […]


Get A Head Start On Everyone Else…!


Source: “Get the head start on everyone else and develop your art!” Featured Artist: Daniel Eskridge Daniel Eskridge lives in the Metro-Atlanta area, where, by day he works as a software engineer. But, by night he is a 3D render artist. He has dual degrees from the University of Georgia, one in Computer Science, the […]