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Hercules Unleashing The Beast


Source image: Hercules – Creating the beasts for the Legend of Hercules There is a good article on fxguide by Ian Failes (28 July 2014) about Brett Ratner’s Hercules, the Legend, for Paramount Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures. You can find the link at the end of this post. For my part, I thought I would […]


Way Better Than Goals (Makes You Actually Achieve Them)


Way Better Than Goals (Makes You Actually Achieve Them) Are you a goal-getter, super achiever and always aiming for achieving new goals? Or maybe you’re someone that has set up your goals but never seem to get them? Then you will benefit GREATLY from what I have in store for you today. It doesn’t matter […]


Actors, Chainsaws, And Shark- Filled Tornadoes


News from LightWave 3D Actors, chainsaws, and shark-filled tornadoes come together on TV (shown 30 July 2014). The creative team at The Asylum turned to LightWave 3D software for 99 percent of the visual effects for the sequel to the Syfy Network’s popular Sharknado. Here is the trailer on YouTube: LightWave also worked with […]


3D Rendering That Pops


Source image: 3D Rendering – Improving your 3D Renders Taking a look around the web, I see there are a number of videos out there about improving your renders, using different techniques such as lighting, camera angles or painting. Here are a few. First, here is a video tutorial from Flipped Normals on YouTube, […]


Sell Your Stuff with 3DBin – 360 degree animation

2 3DBin – 360 degree animation We’ve looked at similar software before, where you make a 3D model by walking around an object and taking a bunch of photos, which then allows you to create a 3D-printed version. Animate your photos Here we find we can walk around an object and make a 3D animation. […]


3D Saved My Life (I Wanted To Jump Out Of The Window)


February 2008… I was sitting at my job’s office desk, and couldn’t breathe. I was full of anxiety, coffee and pills to kill the anxiety… There I was, like any other morning, doing the same stuff I did the day before. Caught in a loop of boredom, feeling boxed in, unappreciated and underpaid. Common, I had […]


Argentina – First Football Now Rice And Matchsticks?


Rice and Matchsticks Following on from the theme of looking at studios in other parts of the world What’s going on in Argentina? This post is sparked by an article on by Emiliano De Pablos. He writes, “Pushing the boundaries of Latin American animation, Argentina’s helmer-writer-producer Javier Beltramino is advancing on “Rice & Matchsticks,” […]


Ahoy 3D Pirate… Your Treasure Map And Island Ahead


Ahoy 3D Pirate… Your Treasure Map And Island Ahead… Save Up To 92.5% In Dreamlight’s Biggest Loot Festival, As The Doors To The New Store Open… You up for a real treasure hunt? Sail right over to our New Store (here) where we’ve slashed prices by up to 92.5% on over 80 items*. See below […]