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Old Fashioned?


Old Fashioned? (Image courtesy of DAZ) Well, I do not know about you, but, I have always loved black and white images… Done properly, they can express far more than color images… and there is always something in them that drives your imagination … I know I did a few quick renders in black and white a few weeks […]


I Need a Break in the Forest!


I Need a Break in the Forest! by flipmode : Another busy and stressful week…. Tanning all week behind a computer screen… A lot of us are in this state…. Sometimes, we dream of a green forest, on a shiny day…and just walking under the trees, taking care not to walk on a mushroom, feeling […]


Without Good Textures, no Mercy!


Without Good Textures, no Mercy! Deco Lobby                                                                                                                        (image courtesy of DAZ) Textures? For more than a year now, there been a huge change in the way we design things for 3D… In the past, things were simple. When you wanted to do a texture for your character or your prop, you only had to […]


The Power of Morph


The Power of Morph I’m always amazed by the creativity of some artists!! 3D CG is a never ending source of knowledge. You just need skills, good tools, the “know how”…and inspiration… Just last week, I saw on DAZ’s website two amazing products. They caught my attention not because they were ravishing beauties, but because it seems so […]


Want to Feel the Sound of Silence?


Want to Feel the Sound of Silence? Noise and stress…… We are all a little overwhelmed by them… Sometimes, we dreaming of large spaces, nice colors, places where imagination can begin to flow… There is a place in the world full of silence where no one can hear you…..Space. Just browse your internet and type “space” […]