Are you as lazy as I am?

Are you as lazy as I am?


If yes, then, you will love this!!

Setting lights and testing them in Iray can really be pain……

Well, summer is here!

In fact, going to tab, set, test, go back again, change tab…is just a huge waste of time!

With the improvements in the drawing tab in DAZ 4.9, life was made somewhat easier…but still complicated…

This week, I had a surprise! I saw on the DAZ webstore a fabulous script that would ease the work!

After a little time (very little…), I decided to spend a few bucks to try to ease my workflow.

Will it ease my pain?

I installed  it and gave it a try.

I set a simple scene with rigged 3 point lights of my own. Nothing too complicated..


Turn your “Drawing” settings in the Drawing tab to Iray and 1/32 to get a rapid response on testing.


Open the script: Surprise!! Everything is grouped to let you set your base lightning quickly!!


I will test to scene only.


We will change some settings


It’s getting better, but we need some more tweaking

Just go to the DS light placement Tab to adjust and displace the back light


I will adjust the lights now…


We will try to add some backdrop and some more lights


Now we will search for the right camera angle with the perspective camera


When satisfied, create a new camera, copying settings of the perspective camera

I close the script, add some DOF and Bloom effect and render


And here we are!!


Really makes the work easier to get all the settings in the same window!!!

I also used spotlights but you can use whatever type of DAZ light you want.

Instead of spending time moving from tab to tab, I can see the impact of each change immediately.

My lazy side is satisfied!!!!…and I’m saving time!

If you want this fabulous script:


I encourage you to visit v3digitimes webstore. A ton of amazing and very valuable products

And if you want to master DAZ lightning in Iray :



Get lazy and create well!!!!

Fly028 is an accomplished 3D C.G. enthusiast. He has been creating content for DAZ Studio and Poser. Fly028 collaborates with DREAMLIGHT on trainings and content development which he has done for some years now.

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  1. BC Shelby June 29, 2016 at 8:54 pm #

    …the Light Manager is on my wishlist. It looks like a very handy tool

    I am pretty experienced with 3DL lighting (my background in theatrical lighting was a big help), however Iray seems to throw a sightly different curve into the process being a PB render engine as lighting has different characteristics especially in how it reacts with surfaces.

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