Almost Like A Stargate… A Look Behind Pete’s Amazing Render

May 2nd Place Winner

Our May Contest 2nd Place Winner – Untitled by szarkman 

Our May winners have shared with us the techniques they have used to make their amazing 3D renders.

Itiseye gives us a look behind his amazing render and we share it in full with you here…

“I have been learning to use Daz Studio for the last four and a half years and athough what I have learned from doing Dreamlight has been instrumental in helping me to learn a lot faster. The feedback given in the monthly contests have been a great asset in learning about composition and lighting techniques which led to this image.

When I saw the theme “Stargate” I knew I wanted to do something different. After a few days of thinking and talking to a friend of mine about it I came up with this idea of a life breathing portal. I am always thinking of ideas that don’t include human figures that make the viewer think or interpret in different ways. I tried various shapes as a portal before settling on the triangular shape shown. The shape was my friend’s idea to be honest as the original shape I had modelled in Blender looked like a portaloo and he told me straight. I love that and learn from straight taking.

I mentioned I wanted to try something different, more artistic than realistic but the idea behind this image was to be a realistic image but due to PC memory issues I had to dumb it down which gave me the opportunity to try a more artistic approach without using any external Photoshop Filter plug-ins. Just used what was in CS2 only.

The base image was rendered in Vue Esprit 10 but in two passes as I needed to contain the light beams that come streaming out of the portal, and stop the light from illuminating the whole scene. The Portal was made in Blender with a separate mesh, closed at one end for the back or the portal to contain the light. That was my first render pass. For the second pass I removed all the plants, light beam light and the back addon mesh then merged the two passes in Photoshop CS2.

The postwork consisted of adding specks to the light beams, Stars, swirly bits around the portal, DOF via the Depth Mask Vue provides, and general colour corrections, hue, saturation and curves also light levels, basically it looks nothing like the rendered images.”

“A Proud Member of the Bald Wizards Club”

Congrats Pete!

-Val Cameron / Dreamlight

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3 Responses to “Almost Like A Stargate… A Look Behind Pete’s Amazing Render”

  1. HeatherT June 21, 2013 at 2:28 am #

    Pete you are indeed a wizard! Every image you have submitted has been super high quality and full of creativity. I admire your desire to be original and challenging. Keep em coming. . . .

  2. paul June 29, 2013 at 8:53 am #

    Thank you for a great insight.

    Memory issues is good. What? it makes you approach the subject with a different perspective and artistic approach. I learned from our ‘mentor’ that separate render layers can achieve faster results which helped me greatly in reducing render times and ram issues.

    I really like your image (reminds me of a pink Floyd album cover kinda)I also like the light portal excellent touch to a very nice image.

  3. Szark June 29, 2013 at 9:53 pm #

    Thanks Heather, Didn’t realise this was live yet hence the delay. Sorry for that.
    I think the willing to try anything and to learn to take constructive critique comes in handy. My mates and wife tell me straight. When they say wow and nothing more then I know I have gotten somewhere.

    Paul my pleasure and thanks for the kind comments.

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