Alameda: “New Leaf” – Rotoscoping Over 3D Animation


Alameda: “New Leaf” – Rotoscoping Over 3D Animation

“Alameda’s video for the track ‘New Leaf’ was described as a “labor of love” for the 3D crew responsible for its creation. The project was initiated almost two years ago as a means of exploring new techniques, paying close attention to digital rotoscoping over 3D animation.

The 3D team’s main goal was to effect the combination of the hand-made feel of painting with the perfection of 3D camera movement and environment. However, they soon realized “how much time and focus is required to create a style like this.”


Alameda: “New Leaf”

As with many 3D projects, this project was not without “a few hiccups along the way — at one point our entire project folder mysteriously disappeared from the server, forcing us to recreate many of the scenes.”

Alameda – New Leaf from LEGWORK on Vimeo.

The information above is an excerpt from

Design / Direction – Aaron Ray
3D Modeling / Animation – Zack Citro, Ben Chwirka
2D Animation / Rotoscoping – Katrin Davis, Sarah Jones, Aaron Ray, Patrick Jordan, Zack Citro
Additional Animators – Josh O’Brien, Kyle Hegge

-Val Cameron/Dreamlight

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