Adding Your Own Touch To 3D Scenes

Have you ever considered changing the layout of a scene you’ve bought? Here’s how to do it quickly and easily, right inside DAZ Studio.

With DAZ Studio, it’s very easy, since scenes are built up by objects you can hide, move or copy. I especially like altering Stefan Morells (a.k.a. Stonemason) gorgeous props, since they are high quality and easy to mix and match on your own. Here, I’ve used his latest Modular Ruins, and I’ve also added props from his Enchanted Forest, resulting in a “Myst-alike” scenery. Of course, the scene has my own lights and background plus a realistic water surface added:


In your DAZ Studio scene tab, you can expand the available props, and view the entire organized (parented) structure. You can hide and un-hide parts as well as simply delete them from your scene. Also, you can copy them, by loading multiple versions of the prop, or using the new instances function that will copy items for you. In addition, you can play with each items surface settings, completely changing the look and feel. Here, I’ve completely went NUTS, and went with 80’s neon look and feel, altering Stonemason’s Utopia Labs into something really different:


You can tweak a scenery or prop into oblivion. If you’re like me, and prefer to move things around, change lights and create something on your own, rather than having to model it from scratch (call it work-damage from 20+ years of professional filming and editing), then DAZ Studio really makes it easy. Something most doesn’t even think about, is the fact that you can use parts of one scene, and mix it with parts of something else. Just because someone designed it THEIR way, doesn’t mean you need to settle for it. Bring on your own imagination!

Both scenes will be soon available in my DAZ 3D store. Until then, happy tweaking…

– Val Cameron / Dreamlight

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