Actors, Chainsaws, And Shark- Filled Tornadoes


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Actors, chainsaws, and shark-filled tornadoes come together on TV (shown 30 July 2014). The creative team at The Asylum turned to LightWave 3D software for 99 percent of the visual effects for the sequel to the Syfy Network’s popular Sharknado. Here is the trailer on YouTube:

LightWave also worked with Ghostlight to help create a video spoof inspired by the 1987 ‘RoboCop’ movie. You can find more Lighwave3D news here:


From the company website we learn that, “The LightWave 3D Group provides Award-Winning, Production-Proven VFX and Animation Tools for Artists, combining a state-of-the-art renderer with powerful, intuitive modeling and animation tools. It is enjoyed worldwide as a complete 3D production solution for feature film and television visual effects, broadcast design, print graphics, visualization, and game and web development. LightWave is responsible for more artists winning Emmy Awards than any other 3D application”.

About_Lightwave_3dAbout Lightwave 11.6 here



The software on offer ranges from Lightwave3D, which is the VFX and animation tool for artists. Nevronmotion, with Kinect support, is a LightWave add on and needs their version 11.6 to work. Nevronmotion gets you applying motion capture to your own characters. The video on this product is here:, and Chronosculpt, which gives you time-based cache sculpting for every 3D software pipeline.

The video about this is here

This is the link to the database with 975 free or commercial third-party plugins that can be used with the LightWave software:

Try before you buy

Note that there are two licenses on offer commercial or educational. You get to try Lightwave for 30 days before you buy. Available for Windows 64 and 32 bit and Mac OS and there are a bunch of tutorials to get you started.

The full commercial version will cost you US$1 495 and the educational costs US$195 with a five seat lab pack that sells for US$795.


The LightWave Gallery is here, so you can get an idea of what you can achieve with this product. Categories range from architectural, landscape and nature through to scientific and medical.

We’ll come back to LightWave in a while and take a look behind the scenes at their VFX.

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PS: You may also want to check out Dreamlight’s selection of Lightwave specific training HERE

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