Val Cameron Belwon Dreamlight helps beginner and intermediate 3D artists jump on the fast track to expanding their art beyond any barrier. Whether that is to create stunning art for fun, becoming a bestselling 3D Vendor or turning your passion into your living–everything is possible.

Val Cameron a.k.a. Waldemar B. founder of Dreamlight, is an award winning 3D artist, award winning movie creator, bestselling 3D vendor at www.daz3d.com and has turned his own hobby and passion, 3D graphics, into his living by tapping into high level online marketing, despite the low economy.

Since 2005, he’s been sharing all his knowledge and experience with thousands of 3D artists, 3D vendors and other passionate artsits of life, such as entrepreneurs and online marketers.

With a background in programming, 2D graphics, photo, pro video filming and editing, digital music composition, 3D graphics and online marketing for a combined 30+ years,  Dreamlight truly stands for reaching beyond your limits.

Welcome to a unique 3D place, where only your imagination is the limit.


– Val Cameron a.k.a. Waldemar B. / Dreamlight

Founder and creator of Dreamlight 3D Club, Dreamlight series of props, plug ins and light sets and 3D Master-series of training programs.