6 Simple Things Will Make You Create Beautiful 3D Art Fast – Completely From Scratch (+FREE)

6 Simple Things Will Make You Create Beautiful 3D Art Fast – Completely From Scratch (+FREE)

Image by Val Cameron, Dreamlight created with DAZ Studio & Photoshop


Are you dreaming of creating beautiul 3D art, but don’t know where to start? Maybe you’re into other digital art today, such as Photoshop, or other forms of art like photography, drawing, painting or music. Having been coaching over 50,000 3D students during the last decade, I’ve zeroed in on the 6 most imporant things, that will give you immediate results starting right now.

Whether you’re into creating a scary horror image picturing a woman being chased by a monster in confined space, or want to create a beautiful serene landcsape with a flying dragon. Or a high octane car chase. Or a Sci-Fi battle scene. Day or night, in space or on any planet of your liking.

Here’s how to do it… Starting today (for free):


Image by Val Cameron, Dreamlight created with DAZ Studio & Photoshop


1. Can anyone do 3D art?

Yes. Anyone can do 3D art. It’s not rocket science. Most think they are not “artistic”, but hey–EVERYBODY is artistic in some way, doing something. We’re all creators. You can TRULY get good looking results within a couple of hours from now… (no kidding!) It’s possible because 3D art is created in a very unique way, giving you incredible powerful tools and unlimited possiblities. Unlike other art forms, such as drawing either on paper or screen, 3D art offers a “living” canvas. A canvas that you can design on your own terms. Without the need to “draw” every line, like in drawing or painting, or being on a real set, like in photography–you’re instead given the opportunity to have FUN like never before. We’re used to seeing lots of 3D graphics in todays Hollywood productions. Everything from complete landscapes, to 3D animated robots, animals and even human beings. But how do you really go by and create all that?

Picture a virtual movie set, where you are the director. Imagine all the props, all the actors in front of you, the cameras and lights… YOU are in total control. Now, 3D art is not something you look at with 3D glasses. It ends up being a “flat image” so called 2D-image, much like any digital art. But the way you design it, that’s where 3D gives you unprecedented and interactive possibilities.

You mix and match ready to use “buildings stones”, so called “3D content”–think “lego” but pre-built and realistic looking (not blocky). Things like 3D people or characters and 3D models of buildings, interiors, vehicles, monsters and such. You can place, move, resize, rotate, bend, dress, make up and pose everything to you liking with a simple touch of your mouse button, creating expressions and emotions on the fly.


Image by Val Cameron, Dreamlight created with DAZ Studio & Photoshop


It sounds advanced, and it is, since it’s limitless–but it’s actually as simple as selecting a specific part of your own virtual set, and selecting a pre-made “mood variation”. Whether that’s to change the color of the walls, the look of a carpet, make up of a beautiful female, changing the the hair style or color, or to add another tree, or remove the one covering the view… You get it. It’s just like you were on a real movie set, where you would direct actors and let staff more all the nessesary props where you like them to be. The big differnce is that it’s almost instant, and limitless.

Next, you add a 3D camera and “frame” your art, much like you would do with your photo camera or iPhone. That is, you can “walk around” your own virtual set, and simply observe how it looks from various angles. Which one represents what you’re looking for? Which one tells the story the way you want it? Finally, you add lights to enhance what you want to portray and let the 3D software do the final image, the so called “render”, which is the high quality detailed representation of your creation.


Image by Val Cameron, Dreamlight created with DAZ Studio & Photoshop


There’s phenomenal freedom in 3D art, it’s virtually unlimited as opposed to being at a real studio set or movie set. You can make it real, or you can make it surreal. Or anything in between. You can defy gravity and you don’t need to worry about light cables–since there aren’t any to trip over! You can substitute an actors head for a horse head. Or you can add a facial expression to a lady, and make her cry instead of looking happy. (Don’t try that in real life though!) There is no limits, but your own imagination.

The image you create can either grow during design time, and expand depending on what you encounter during the process, or you can already have a specific vision and destination for your image on your mind. For instance, you might add an object to your virtual scene during design time, and it just shifts what you see and makes you take a different route towards the final image.


Image by Val Cameron, Dreamlight created with DAZ Studio & Photoshop


An example could be that you change the style of a woman’s dress, and feel that the sofa no longer matches that so you remove it from your scene and let her sit on the table or floor instead. (or that you add a beautiful hair style and want to focus the entire image around that, so you remove the room all together). I call 3D art organic, since it can grow and change direction unlimited times. You can add, subtract and change things all the time, to make it exactly how you want it, with instant simple clicks of your mouse button. There’s no canvas to worry about, since it’s all virtual and ulimited.

Sounds good, but hold your horses! 3D art, just like any art, is a journey. You can kick start and get really good results in a very short period of time. But it takes longer to master and become extremely skillfull, like with everything in life. 3D art can be your new fun and creative hobby starting today. Or, it might be the start of something more professional.


Image by Val Cameron, Dreamlight created with DAZ Studio & Photoshop


2. Hardware

Many artists think that they need some $10,000 PC or MAC to create 3D art. Well, if you’re in Hollywood, yes; you might need something like that (and more). But if you just want to use 3D art as a hobby; you can use your current PC without any issues. Sure, there are additional things you can add to enhance your experience. Things like a more powerful graphics card and more RAM memory, but to just get started, you’re just fine where you are. Even most modern lap tops can handle the free 3D software you’re about to discover.


Image by Val Cameron, Dreamlight created with DAZ Studio & Photoshop


3. 3D Software

Again, most get scared looking at 3D art, thinking they need to invest $1,500-$3,500 into powerful professional 3D applications used in Hollywood. No you don’t. You can create professional, beautiful and powerful 3D art with a completely FREE software. You heard that right. FREE software. There’s no catch; it’s free. I’ve been using it for the last 10 years, and it’s still free. (And still THE best out there)

The software is called DAZ Studio, from DAZ 3D. Simply the best and easiest to get started with, and it will carry you all the way into the professional realm before you even start thinking of other options.

You can download it for free HERE.
And get my complete DAZ Studio starter videos for free HERE.


Image by Val Cameron, Dreamlight created with DAZ Studio & Photoshop


4. 3D Content

The building blocks I’ve mentioned before, you want to have these pre-made to start with. When you’re just starting out, it’s great to use ready to use cars, people, buildings and even poses, outfits and hair styles, so that you can focus on the fun right now. DAZ Studio comes with lots of 3D content completely for free. It’s built into the package so that you can get started with 3D art right away. Creating these 3D content “building blocks” or 3D models is an art form on its own, which is a process called 3D modeling. It’s often time consuming, and requires other skills than “normal” 3D art creation and therefore–it’s also an income possibility in the DAZ 3D market place. (I’m actually thrilled to making a living from all this, but that’s a different topic for a difrerent blog post)

Then, if you want to go further; you can get 3D content from as low as $1.99 and up and build your library of your own virtual set–ready to use and abuse any time you choose to.


Image by Val Cameron, Dreamlight created with DAZ Studio & Photoshop


5. 2D Software (free Gimp or Photoshop)

This step is optional, and is really an extention of the image you get out of your 3D software. Many artists settle with the image they get from their 3D software, but most go one step further, and further enhance their art in Photoshop, or the free Gimp–or any 2D software out there. This process is called postwork and can truly enhance your art and make it more personal. There’s things like toning down the less important aspects of your image, to make the important elements stand out even more. I always do some postwork on my 3D images, and in most cases it takes 3-7 minutes to enhance using simple tools and effects to give the image more contrast, and better visual power.

There’s ready to use filters that immediately change the mood / style of your render. It’s can also be a good tool to adjust any small errors that might have slipped through your hands. Instead of going back to the 3D software, changing what got wrong, and re-doing the final image, you can tweak things in Photoshop (or any 2D software), and get them fixed in seconds, live and interactive.


Image by Val Cameron, Dreamlight created with DAZ Studio & Photoshop


6. The x100 Factor

You have right now two choices. You can, literally within 15 minutes from now be on your way creating your first 3D image. You can poke around on any forum online and get tips and help from other artsits. You can try things on your own and use trial & error to move forward. But from my own experience, having been using DAZ Studio professionally for over 10 years, and coaching over 50,000 3D artists, I know that it goes a LOT faster when you follow a proven step by step plan. (Hey, it gives less headache and grey hair too)


Image by Val Cameron, Dreamlight created with DAZ Studio & Photoshop


Step by step guidence will cut down the time you spend by a factor of 100. No kidding; it will shave YEARS out of the equation. You will simply know exactly what to do, when and why–and in which order. I’ve created a free video series, that will get you started right away. You can download these videos from our own store completely for free HERE.


On top of that, I’ve created a very important free ebook that will help you conquer 91% of DAZ Studio art within 3 hours or less. When you know what’s inside this ebook, and when you apply it, EVERYTHING changes. It’s that powerful. I’m not talking about some theory here. I’ve tested this over and over, with over 50,000 students, during the last decade, so I KNOW it works. And if you follow along and apply it, it will work for you too. Get it HERE.

And that’s it!

You can do this, you already have the hardware, you can get free software, and you can get guidence from someone that breathes & loves DAZ Studio since 2005, starting right now.

To get started immediately 100% for free:

1. Sign up at DAZ 3D and download DAZ Studio for free HERE

2. Sign up for our free DAZ Studio video starter series HERE

3. Get your own copy of the ebook HERE

4. Start creating and having fun! 🙂

Question is: What mood are you in today, and what gorgeous, scary, cool or beauful 3D art will you create? Feel free to post any questions or comments below, I’m here to help!

– Val Cameron, Dreamlight

Happily sharing how to create great 3D & 2D art in DAZ Studio, Lightwave and Photoshop, Val Cameron, CEO and founder of Dreamlight, has been coaching and mentoring hundreds of thousands of artists since 2005. Bestselling DAZ 3D vendor with over 230+ video tutorials, plug ins and light sets.

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  1. Howard August 21, 2015 at 10:53 pm #

    I am interested but I do not own a 3D printer… I am disabled and have a hard time learning. But I have a lot of images in my head. I’m willing to learn, but can you teach someone who is mentally challenged? I am homeless also and no one will take me in. Is the products affordable? I would love to start a 3D printing studio of my own for people like me. Too, I have been seeing that 3D printing, where you can take pics of a object and then have the 3D printer copy it. I will love to be able to learn all that stuff. If this is a challenge your company is willing to take, please contact me with anything you can offer. I will greatly appreciate it.

    • Val August 22, 2015 at 2:50 pm #

      Hi Howard, thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear about your condition and situation. We all have certain mental / or other challenges in various situations. In no way am I comparing my own mental state, but I have ADD, I’m bi-polar, bad memory and struggle with other mental issues. Having that said, I’ve still managed to create art, and I think 3D art is by far most easy art-form to learn, since the tools are so powerful and do most of the heavy work for you. What I would recommend you start with, is to simply download DAZ Studio, and run through my free starter videos and just have a play with it. Then, decide to go after one of your images that you want to create, and align the props / models / lights to re-create your vision. Simply; just do it. Regardless of how it turns out. We learn by doing. Next, get the free New To 3D item in our store, and get access to our free forums where likeminded people are helping eachother out. From there, lighting is by far the most important thing to learn, and 3D Light Master program is what I recommend you do as soon as possible, although you won’t need it if you only plan to use a 3D printer, since printers do not print “light”, only shapes and color. This is a journey, and it’s taken step by step, as fast you want to, and in the direction you want it to go. We’ll be there to back you up! From time to time, we have good sales, and you can get lots of great tutorials for at an affordable cost. Best of luck on your 3D journey!

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