5 of the Most Stunning 3D Renders

stunning_3D_rendersOcular Production : A 3D visualisation firm that specializes in photorealistic 3D renders of architectural marvels.

5 of the Most Stunning 3D Renders

Ocular Production Pte Ltd, based strategically in Singapore came about in response to the demand for more realistic visualization. They produce amazing 3D renders for their clients such as the one seen above.

3d_render_stuns_The modeling of this awesome looking parrot was done in Maya, the rendering was done in MentalRay. An HDRI Probe and two lights were used for the lighting.

The 3D render of the “Trapped Parrot” as it is aptly named by artist Massimo Righi.

Righi also did a tutorial in 3D Total showing exactly how he modeled his now famous bird. The image was inspired by his photos taken at a “Bird Park” in Kuala Lumpur.

You can see Massimo’s tutorial HERE

3d_render_of_car_crashMore angles of this cool 3D render of a car crash can be seen at Den Fox’s site

Den Fox, the creator of the above 3D render is the creative director and owner of FOX #D Studios. He has 11 years experience in the industry. You can see some interesting images in his portfolio HERE.

3d_renders_that_popOpen Green by CryingHorn – from DeviantArt

“Open Green” by cryinghorn of DeviantArt is simply stunning.

The artist commented under the render:

“This is my latest work I’ve been working for sometime.

This is probably the first time I made an image starting with color scheme. I saw a photo where a green leaf is put on human arm and I thought that those two colors suit each other so great. So that was basically enough for me to inspire me on this.

Hope You’ll like it”

One of the many comments of fellow 3D artists under this piece was: “give this render a 12 out of 10.”

punkbot_3d_renderPunkbot http://www.augensound.de/bild484-3d_renderings-punkbot

Punkbot” as seen above by Peter Hofmann 3D Artist, Dipl Ing [FH] interior design, graphic designer. 

Hofmann used Cinema 4D to create his stunning render.

If you would like to see more stunning 3D renders, take a look HERE.

-Val Cameron/Dreamlight

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