3D Model Master


Revealed:  3D Modeling Secrets Of A Bestselling Artist

From Your Idea, To Stunning 3D Props And Buildings, To Money In Your Hand

Are you a hobby, semi-pro / pro artist, looking for a way create stunning 3D props and buildings, but feel handicapped, frustrated and don’t know where to start? Maybe you’re even looking to sell them at popular 3D market places and make a decent extra income, but don’t know how to put things together?

If you’re tired of video training that assumes you’re already experienced, or giving you a fraction of the puzzle–then read carefully, since you’re one of few lucky 3D artists out there that will ever see this proposal I’m about to show you…

Hi, I’m Waldemar Belwon, creator of the 3D Model Master Training Program, 3D Light Master Training Program and founder of the Dreamlight 3D Club, the leader in 3D graphics training for artists looking to create professional-looking scenes, quickly and easily.

During my work with thousands of 3D artists, training students live and interactive, having created hundreds of bestselling light sets and 3D props–I’ve come up with a simple step by step road map that will take you from your initial idea, to the final 3D model–ready to be sold by popular 3D market places, such as DAZ 3D or Renderosity.

No more feeling overwhelmed or clueless…

You’re about to discover a step by step BLUEPRINT for your own digital creations… The only blueprint you’ll ever need to create stunning 3D models for fun, or for sale…

“I’ve made more progress in the last few months than in the previous few years. Thank you very much!”, Kathleen. “Your class has improved both my understanding of 3D graphics, and my confidence in my ability to light my scenes and produce art I can be proud of. I have found your class to be well-designed, intelligent, and if you’ll excuse the expression, illuminating.”, Angela Knight – 3D artist, New York Times bestselling author

Demystifying The Myths

What about the cool tools available–super duper curve bending 3D modeling tools and other fantastic stuff–don’t they give great results?

Yes and no. YES, when you know the basics and then use the tools to expand your horizon. Absolutely NOT when you just use these tools to enhance an existing mess. Years of experience have shown me that what you put into a fancy tool is exactly what you get out of it!

Don’t I need a expensive 3D software to get better 3d modeling? NO, you don’t! Software is nothing more than a tool. Software won’t fix poor modeling.

Don’t I need a super-fast, monster computer? Nope. Again, your computer is just a tool. You can produce exceptional 3D models with an older computer, as long as you know what you’re doing.

Can’t I figure it out from a free video tutorial or free e-book?

I’m sorry to tell you that it’s just not gonna happen. As with any other skill, true mastery of 3D modeling takes combining the right training with practice and repetition.

It’s that simple. Besides, if you’re following advanced or intermediate training that doesn’t teach you the basics, you’ll have a hard time putting it all together anyway.

Can’t I do this on my own? Sure, if you’re willing to struggle for years, just like I did.

The lessons I’ll teach you will shorten your learning curve and literally shave years off your 3D modeling education.

Plus, if you’re working on your own what do you do if you get stuck? I used to waste hours on fixes that experienced artists could solve in minutes.

How do I know all this? I’ve been coaching artists for years, and I’ve seen the same patterns over and over.

Those who really make it as artists are those who embrace new knowledge and put it into action with the right kind of supervision. In a really short period of time, these guys really GET it.

If you’re not there yet, don’t worry because…

You’re Not Alone!

I’ve was there myself, for years, frustrated and praying that my 3D models would at least look half as good as the ones I saw in the movies after I clicked ‘Render.’

I was relaying on luck, and wanted to JUMP forward–just get to the finishing line, without really knowing what I was doing…

After a few long years, I started to make some progress. I hit on a few products that began to make a real difference in the way I worked. Finally, I was able to leverage my 20+ year background as a professional camera man, photographer and video editor and to create professional-looking 3D models and 3D scenes.


In fact, I got so good that people started to ask me to teach my 3D techniques to them, via my Dreamlight 3D Club and 3D Light Master Training Program.

Suddenly, other people who had struggled for years were telling me that my lessons helped them finally GET IT. They were able to understand things that took them years to figure out on their own.

I was pretty sure that what I’ve discovered was…


The Missing Link

I realized that everyone was missing the CORE of 3D modeling…

And so 3D Model Master was born!

3D Model Master breaks down 3D modeling into its smallest components and teaches them one at a time – so that you REALLY GET IT.

It’s the basics, presented in an easy-to-understand method, like never before…

And it works.

It works every time with all kinds of props, both indoors and outdoors.


“I’ve just started the Model Master course and I’m already having fun”, trevorsimpson. “Dreamlight’s 3D training is exactly how I would teach someone to do it. The expert advice is obviously derived from years of practical experience. Having someone to show you how to light and then explain why things work is the fastest way to truly learn the in’s and out’s of this essential skill.”, Michael Ambruso – Professional 3D Artist

3D Model Master narrows down 3D modeling to just 2 things:

1. EXACTLY what you need to know–no more, no less
2. How to USE this knowledge to get immediate results

The truth is: you don’t need to learn everything!

In fact, trying to learn everything will only frustrate you and add years on to your training.

That’s why 3D Model Master is such an amazing product. It will show you EXACTLY what you need to learn to immediately start producing professional-looking 3D models–no more, no less.

For example, some teachers will confuse you with “97” fancy tools, plug ins and other things you “must” have just to get started…

Here’s the secret: you only need to master 12.

That’s right. You only need to master the 12 most important tools, techniques and strategies…

When you control your inspiration, have the right applications and learn how to use simple 3D shapes and tools–and when you apply simple strategies in the right sequence and order –you will literary sculpt anything that comes into your mind.

3D modeling is very easy when done the correct way, following a checklist and knowing why things are there to start with.

But it can be extremely tough and frustrating, if you’re just wondering around without a plan, trying to fit all the pieces of the puzzle on your own.

That’s it! You don’t need anything else.

Because these 12 techniques and tools cover pretty much every single scenario you can encounter while creating buildings and props in 3D. 3D Model Master’s 12-steps will laser guide you from your idea to the final model, with simple, clear and logical steps.

Now, Light Master is not a simple “place this thing here” training. It’s also not a simple “follow me along as I play with a few primitives” program, either.

It DIVES into the core of 3D modeling, shreds it into small, easy-to-understand pieces, gives you multiple options to feed your creativity and explains it all in mind-blowing detail.

There’s no other 3D modeling training like it out there. 3D Model Master goes deep beneath the reasons of exactly WHAT techniques to use, WHEN to use them, and WHY.

In other words…

3D Model Master will show you exactly what you need to GET IT.


How Does 3D Model Master Work?

During a 12-module training program, spread over a few weeks, with one or two modules delivered each week, this comprehensive video training program will break down the ins-and-outs of 3D Modeling, step-by step.

The 3D Model Master videos are easy to digest for maximum impact and quick results. If you’re excited about learning the best 3D modeling techniques in the shortest amount of time, this is the program for you.

All videos are in high quality 1280 x 720 HD streaming flash format, and are also available as downloads in the wmv and mp4 formats so you can view them anywhere you want, both on PC’s and MAC’s…

Lightwave is used to demonstrate the techniques, and you can download a demo of this software for free, but since what I teach is purely generic, it will fit with your needs regardless of what application you’re using.

So it will work in any 3D software? Absolutely! And to be perfectly sure, I will also give you specific instructions on a need to need basis, that cover applications such as Hexagon, Blender and 3D Wings.

The core of 3D modeling remains the same regardless of what software and tools you use.

Don’t have 3D modeling software yet? I’ll include a comprehensive list of programs you can start using for free today.

By now, I bet you’re thinking, “Wow, this all sounds great, but . . . ”



Can This Program Really Work for Me?

A lot of my students ask me: “Can anyone become good at 3D modeling?”

If you practice what you learn, you WILL become good at it.

Each video will give you micro-training on a single topic, paired with specific techniques will show you exactly how to apply what you’re learning in your work immediately.

Your friends will be shocked when they see your new art and will start asking you how they can achieve similar results. In other words, you’ll benefit quickly and IMMEDIATELY from the 3D Model Master training program, no matter your level of experience and time at your disposal.

All you have to do is put what you learn into practice…

You can view a single 10 minute video, implement the knowledge in your own scene, and immediately see the difference. The 3D Model Master training program is designed so you can view each short lesson at your own pace, and benefit from it right away.

Even if you’re completely new to 3D and never touched a 3D software, the 3D Model Master Training Program will point you towards a free 3D software, and show you how to get started.

Because the processes I’ll show you works, every single time.

I’ll show you exactly why…

“If we are lucky, in our lifetime we earn the privilege of getting to know and work with someone who can only be described as a genius. Since 2005 I have watched Waldemar Belwon share the incredible genius he has for 3D Art with countless others all over the world in way that allows them to learn and grow from his seemingly limitless experience and talent. His patient and caring coaching style has empowered others to expand their understanding of what is possible to a point where the impossible, suddenly becomes reality!”, Mike Lewis – Spain

Why 3D Model Master Works

Most other training just doesn’t work: it’s either way too simple to produce professional results, too attached to a specific scene or way too complicated to get started without years of studying.

3D Model Master training is JUST RIGHT. It will show you exactly what you need to know, in exactly enough detail to help you produce fantastic results immediately.

Because I am determined to get you started RIGHT AWAY, I’ve added a few bonuses to my 3D Model Master training so you can start creating professional 3D Models right away, the way I know it needs to be done.

Bonus #1: Dreamlight 3D Club Forum Access

Can’t I get professional help on public forums? You can make friends and get some tips here and there – but that’s about it.

To really move you forward in times when you get stuck or have specific questions, you need help from dedicated professionals and artists who know what they’re doing. That’s why I’m including a special bonus for you:


90 days access to our Dreamlight 3D Club forum, so that you can ask modeling questions and get them answered! Besides the forum, you also have access to 10+ hours of additional 3D modeling training, a free 3D software and 70+ Gb of other cool stuff and training…

But wait, there’s more!

You see, after years of live coaching, I’ve realized that live training is really what really delivers results.

It’s THE fastest way to grow as an artist.


I also know that as a hobby 3D artist, you have limited time at your disposal. Therefore, I’m including access to the Dreamlight 3D Club live group training, with live and interactive 3D modeling training. You can join our fun classes live or view the recordings at your own pace, when it suits you and when you need to address those specific topics. No need to attend anything live if you can’t, won’t or simply don’t want to.

That’s why I’ll include for you . . .



12 hours of recorded Live 3D Modeling webinars where I teach 3D Modeling live and interactive. Plus additional 90 day access to upcoming Live Group 3D Modeling Webinars, 4 hours a month. No need to attend anything, view the recordings when you want! Benefit from the incredible “AHA”-impact that live training has.


I’m known for over-delivering and under-promising, so I’ve got another outstanding bonus for you…

Creating 3D models is one thing, but knowing how to light them, so they look fascinating to artists or if you plan to sell them, to your potential customers–mastering 3D lighting is what will either break or make your art.

Therefore, if you get the 3D Model Training now, I’m including the bestselling Light Master Training Program completely for free. Light Master have changed hundreds and hundreds of 3D artists art–and it’s about to do the same for you.

The results speak for themselves.


The bestselling Light Master Training Program.
Light Master will teach you everything you need to know to start producing outstanding 3D lighting in any software.

Light Master is the best lighting training in the world for new and intermediate artists. Yours for free!

There’s nowhere else to get this kind of comprehensive 3D modeling training.

3D Model Master includes comprehensive training on the exact techniques you need to produce professional results quickly—with any 3D software—PLUS professional forum support AND live training recordings…

You could take a few college courses to get 3D training, or you could take a 12-week online class, both of which will cost you several thousands of dollars.

3D Model Master lets you do this at an incredibly low price, from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. You can even download the videos and study them on the go.

Putting a price tag on these resources is difficult because I know they work and I can guarantee the results. During the last 13 years, I’ve spent tens of THOUSANDS of hours learning what I know, and it’s really priceless. If you put just a $2 tag on 10,000 hours you end up with $20,000. Not to mention all the money I’ve spent of top notch hardware and software to get me where I am today.

I don’t want you to struggle like I did for so many years, so I’m going to give all this to you for only $297 $149 for a limited time!

That’s an INSANE deal. You won’t find anything even close to 3D Model Master’s proven techniques anywhere else…

But you have to hurry!

This is an introductory offer and I won’t keep it up forever.

If you delay, you will miss this amazing chance to learn the exact techniques you need to create gorgeous 3D lighting quickly and professionally – in as many different kinds of scenes as you can imagine, over and over again.



I stand for excellence when it comes to 3D training. Therefore, if you buy 3D Model Master and, for ANY reason feel that it is not for you, you are welcome to take advantage of our 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. No questions asked! Now, I know this stuff works and changes artists lives. But just in case you don’t agree – I’ll reimburse your investment fully.

The risk is all on me!



For a limited time yours for only: $297 $149


Breakdown of the 3D Model Master Training Program

Module 1: Inspiration And Strategy

How to use your inspiration to get maximum leverage of your creativity and resources and how to use various sources of inspiration for maximum impact. Included are my best kept secrets on how to use your skills for maximum market exposure.

01.00 – Module 1 Overview
01.01 – Various Sources Of Inspiration
01.02 – Other Artists 3D Models And Renders
01.03 – 3D Games
01.04 – 3D Animated Movies and CG Elements In Movies
01.05 – Photographs And Reference Shots
01.06 – Mindset And Workflow To Success
01.07 – Taking A Look At The Marketplace
01.08 – Your Own Strategy
01.09 – What To Expect

Module 2: 3D Software

Choosing the right software and how to quickly get familiarized with it We take a look at Lightwave 3D, Carrara, Hexagon, Blender and Wings 3D.

02.00 – Module 2 Overview
02.01 – What You Need To Know About Your 3D Software To Get Started
02.02 – Lightwave 3D
02.03 – Carrara
02.04 – Hexagon
02.05 – Blender
02.06 – 3D Wings
02.07 – Final Thoughts

Module 3: Layout

How to layout and plan your model for a faster, easier and more fun modeling experience, making sure that you can work smart instead of hard.

03.00 – Module 3 Overview
03.01 – Approaching Your Projects
03.02 – Breaking It Down
03.03 – Using Copy And Paste
03.04 – Working Smart

Module 4: The Basics

The basics of modeling: points, lines, edges, polygons and primitives–how they all connect and what you should know about them. Using simple tools to reshape your models or add more details. The basics behind organic modeling.

04.00 – Module 4 Overview
04.01 – Points, Edges, Lines, Polygons And Normals
04.02 – Primitives
04.03 – Selection, Translate And Rotate Tool
04.04 – Resize Tools
04.05 – Bevel / Extend Tools
04.06 – Copy And Paste
04.07 – Pen, Spline And Make Polygon Tools
04.08 – Magnet Tool
04.09 – Boolean / Knife Tools
04.10 – Subdivision
04.11 – Modeling Using Primitives
04.12 – The Basics Behind Organic Modeling
04.13 – The Basics In Lightwave 3D
04.14 – The Basics In Carrara
04.15 – The Basics In Hexagon
04.16 – The Basics In Blender
04.17 – The Basics In 3D Wings
04.18 – Final Thoughts

Module 5: Surfaces, Promotion And Layers

Working with layers for more control and speed of modeling. Adding surfaces and how to promote your prop during its production.

05.00 – Module 5 Overview
05.01 – Surfaces
05.02 – Mid Project Promotion
05.03 – Layers And How To Work With Them
05.04 – Surfaces And Layers In Lightwave
05.05 – Surfaces And Layers In Carrara
05.06 – Surfaces In Hexagon
05.07 – Surfaces And Layers in Blender
05.08 – Surfaces In Wings 3D

Module 6: Optimization

How to optimize your models for minimum memory consumption and maximum rendering speed.

06.00 – Module 6 Overview
06.01 – Why Optimize?
06.02 – Polygon Count
06.03 – Polygon Optimization
06.04 – Merging Points
06.05 – Texture vs Mesh Details
06.06 – Optimizing In Lightwave
06.07 – Optimizing In Carrara
06.08 – Optimizing In Hexagon
06.09 – Optimizing In Blender
06.10 – Optimizing In 3D Wings

Module 7: Advanced Features

Learn how to create movable parts, morphs and how to model from photo references.

07.00 – Module 7 Overview
07.01 – Creating Moving Parts
07.02 – Creating Morphs
07.03 – Modeling From Photo References
07.04 – Modeling From Photo References In Lightwave
07.05 – Modeling From Photo References In Carrara
07.06 – Modeling From Photo References In Hexagon
07.07 – Modeling From Photo References In Blender
07.08 – Modeling From Photo References In 3D Wings

Module 8: Surfaces

What are surfaces and how to apply them to your model.

08.00 – Module 8 Overview
08.01 – What Are Surfaces?
08.02 – Working With Surfaces
08.03 – Diffuse Channel
08.04 – Luminosity / Ambient Channel
08.05 – Specular Channel
08.06 – Bump Channel
08.07 – Displacement Channel
08.08 – Normal Maps
08.09 – Reflection And Refraction Channel
08.10 – Opacity / Transparency Channel
08.11 – Smoothing Angle
08.12 – Double vs Single Sided

Module 9: UV-Maps

What are UV-maps and how to apply them to your model.

09.00 – Module 9 Overview
09.01 – What Are UV-Maps?
09.02 – How To Apply UV-Maps
09.03 – UV-Map Secrets And Short Cuts
09.04 – Planar, Cylindrical, Spherical and Atlas Maps
09.05 – Using UV-Maps In Lightwave
09.06 – Using UV-Maps In Carrara
09.07 – Using UV-Maps in Hexagon
09.08 – Using UV-Maps In Blender
09.09 – Using UV-Maps in 3D Wings

Module 10: Textures

What are textures and how to create them or use ready to use ones. Including advanced features such as faking depth and controlling how lighting affects your model. Learn how to add shadows and other details directly via textures.

10.00 – Module 10 Overview
10.01 – What Are Textures?
10.02 – Diffuse Textures
10.03 – Specular Textures
10.04 – Bump Textures
10.05 – Displacement Textures
10.06 – Normal Maps
10.07 – Reflection Maps
10.08 – Opacity / Transparency Maps
10.09 – Luminosity / Ambient Maps
10.10 – Enhancing / Optimizing Textures In Photoshop / The Gimp
10.11 – Adding Highlights And Shadows In Photoshop / The Gimp
10.12 – Creating A Texture From Scratch In Photoshop / The Gimp
10.13 – Using Ready To Use Textures
10.14 – How To Use Tiles

Module 11: Export / Import

How to export / import your models for use in Poser, DAZ Studio, Lightwave or in any software reading the OBJ format.

11.00 – Module 11 Overview
11.01 – Exporting Using OBJ Format
11.02 – Optimizing And Error Checking Using UV-Mapper PRO
11.03 – Importing In DAZ Studio
11.04 – DAZ Studio folder structure
11.05 – Morphs And Movable Parts In DAZ Studio
11.06 – Importing in Poser
11.07 – Poser folder structure
11.08 – Morphs And Movable Parts In Poser

Module 12: Promo Art And Selling Online

How to create compelling promo images so that your 3D models look inspiring to other artists or potential buyers, and where to send them for selling online.

12.00 – Module 12 Overview
12.01 – The Secrets Behind A Bestselling 3D Vendor
12.02 – Creating Compelling Promo Images
12.03 – Your Unique Selling Point
12.04 – Tricks For Maximizing Your Profit
12.05 – Where To Send If You Want To Sell At DAZ 3D
12.06 – Where To Send If You Want To Sell At Renderosity
12.07 – Other Online Markets
12.08 – Final Words


Bonus: How to use your 3D models in games, with bestselling 3D artist Jason White from 2Create

Bonus: An in-depth behind the scenes look at the new “Quantum Labs” 3D model

Bonus: An in-depth behind the scenes look at the new “Legends Of The Stone Keeper” 3D model


Dreamlight 3D Club Bonuses:

BONUS: Forum Support – Get your modeling questions answered!

BONUS: 12 hours of Live Training recordings:

Modeling a Castle
Modeling a Room with furniture
BONUS: Additional 90 day access to Live Group Webinars

BONUS: Additional 12 hours of Generic 3D Modeling Video Training

BONUS: Additional access to over 70+ Gb of video tutorials and ebooks. Learn:

Surface settings so that you make the most of your models
Camera composition so you show off your models the right way
Animation, including how to light animations and moving objects
Gallery: Post your renders and get them reviewed each month with a live webinar, where I give specific light feedback live and interactive
Making of videos and ebooks, including modeling
Layering and composition, including lighting
Post-work in Photoshop and The Gimp, including lighting effects
Free light products, props and photos
Figure posing
3D Modeling
UV mapping and texturing
Selling your props
Where to get a free 3D software and how to get started right away
And more!
BONUS: Entire Light Master Training Program

For a limited time yours for only: $297 $149

Don’t pass up this incredible opportunity to shave years off your training and start creating gorgeous 3D models, immediately.


Yours in a bright 3D future,