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(Step By Step DAZ Studio + Generic Guide)


I stand for excellence when it comes to 3D training.

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NOTE: Animation Master Started May 14 2012 and will deliver 1-2 modules each 2 weeks. 8 Modules are already delivered. ALL bonuses can be accessed immediately.

Breakdown of the Animation Master Training Program (Program started May 14 2012):

Module 1: Inspiration

How to use your inspiration to get maximum leverage of your creativity and resources.

Module 2: 3D Software

Choosing the right software and how to quickly get familiarized with it We take a look at DAZ Studio, Lightwave 3D, Vue and Carrara. Training will be conducted mainly in DAZ Studio with references to Vue, Lightwave 3D and Carrara on a need to need basis.

Module 3: Telling A Story

How to tell a story and break down your ideas like the pros.

Module 4: Camera Work

How to get the camera work to look professional and captivating.

Module 5: The Action

How to organize your entire set, get things moving and connect everything with your story. How to animate static objects as well as basic animation of humans and monsters.

Module 6: Rendering And Layers

How to light your scene so that it works with your animation, how to save time during rendering and get the best results possible. Includes layers.

Module 7: Video Editing

Learn how to edit your animations so they look professional.

Module 8: Audio

How to use audio to create a new dimension and turn your work into a master piece.

Module 9: Post Effects And Faked Reality

How to change the look and feel of your animations using filters and faked reality (2D effects that look 3D).

Module 10: Matching CG With Live Footage

How to blend 3D animation with filmed footage and make it look real. Including a quick look at camera matching.

Bonus: Example Of A Movie From Start To Finish

Follow along the entire process from idea to final movie.


Dreamlight 3D Club Bonuses:

BONUS: Forum Support – Get your animation questions answered!

BONUS: Additional 90-day access to Live Group Webinars

BONUS: Additional 12 hours of Generic 3D Animation Video Training

BONUS: Additional 90-day access to over 70+ Gb of video tutorials and ebooks. Learn:

  • Surface settings so that you make the most of your models
  • Camera composition so you show off your models the right way
  • Animation, including how to light animations and moving objects
  • Gallery: Post your renders and get them reviewed each month with a live webinar, where I give specific light feedback live and interactive
  • Making of videos and ebooks, including modeling
  • Layering and composition, including lighting
  • Post-work in Photoshop and The Gimp, including lighting effects
  • Free light products, props and photos
  • Figure posing
  • 3D Modeling
  • UV mapping and texturing
  • Selling your props
  • Where to get a free 3D software and how to get started right away
  • And more!

NOTE: Animation Master Started May 14 2012 and will deliver 1-2 modules each 2 weeks. 8 Modules are already delivered. ALL bonuses can be accessed immediately.

Don’t pass up this incredible opportunity to shave years off your training and start creating cool 3D Animation, immediately.

I’ll see you on the other side!

Yours in a bright 3D future,

Waldemar Belwon – Dreamlight