3D Summit “Seeing is Believing” Berlin 2013

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3D Summit “Seeing is Believing” Berlin September 2013

The 3D Summit in Berlin was opened on Sept 9th by Jim Chabin, International 3D and Advanced Imaging Society president. He presented his keynote “Facts and Figures of Hollywood’s 3D World“.

3D Summit – 4K (Ultra HD)

President Jim Chabin discussed the new 3D blockbusters as well as the latest technological acquisitions like 4K (Ultra HD). He went on to state that the entertainment industry would never be the same if it were not for 3D  He wrapped up his keynote presentation with an awesome scene from Ang Lee’s Oscar winning “Life of Pi”


The next up to speak was Phil Captain 3D McNally, the stereoscopic supervisor at DreamWork’s Animation. In the focus point of his presentation he looked at “Advanced Storytelling in 3 Dimensions“ and the significance of thinking in 3D when evolving a story. This master of 3D animation films allowed the audience to look over his shoulder while he gave his  insight into the daily work of stereographers.

3D Summit – Day Two

Thomas Wiegand  got day teo of the 3D Summit off to a great start when he gave the audience a glimpse into what we can expect of film and TV in the future now that we have the new video coding standard H.265 MPEG/HEVC and UltraHD. He stated that “autostereoscopic displays (3D without glasses) that show high quality 3D in high resolution are the main the goal.”


Screening moderator Kathleen Schröter took the audience on a trip around the globe with her display of the very best 3D content from all over the world.

Schröter and Jim Chabin both moderated the panel “3D Best Practice Globally“ with 3D experts Gallien Chanalet-Quercy (Cow Prod), Florian Maier (Stereotec), Ludger Pfanz (BEYOND Festival), Simon Craddock(Onsight) and Roland Vlaicu (Dolby Laboratories) afterwards.

They demonstrated the life cycle as it were, of 3D content creation with emphasis and details on how to produce 3D on a 2D budget ( yes this IS possible) and the need for storytelling in 3D before shooting begins. Again it was re-stated that 3D without glasses is where home entertainment is headed!

-Val Cameron/Dreamlight

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