3D Street Art Magic in Dubai

3D Street Art Magic in Dubai


Just last month the streets of Dubai came to life at the annual Dubai Canvas Festival which was created and is now managed by Dubai Media office and #BrandDubai.


This year the festival once again, drew the inventor of 3D Street Art himself, Kurt Wenner. The festival featured 60 pieces of three-dimensional art drawn on walls and pavements along the two kilometre-long walkway at Jumeirah Beach Residence.


I thought it would be fun to share some of the spectacular images with you here:




Done by: Icy and Sot – 2 refugee artists from Iran who live in Brooklyn, NY

The American artist, Kurt Wenner’s work has been seen and loved by millions in more than 30 countries.

Here is a piece he did on a different occasion:


Gulf News dot com shared that, “Wenner invented 3D pavement art in 1984 inspired by the use of the ‘anamorphic’ perspective of the European classical masters. He created an entirely new geometry to compose images that appear to rise from, or fall into, the ground when viewed from a specific angle.” In 2014 Wenner earned the Guinness World Record for the largest 3D painting.

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Have fun!

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