3D Scenes From ‘Under The Sea’


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‘Under the sea’ is a virtual tour created for Scottish Natural Heritage by film and video company Bruizer Films, based in Suffolk, United Kingdom. The underwater scene was created using LightWave and Sculptris.

From the Lightwave website, “This underwater scene is so realistic; it’s hard to believe it is actually CG”. And its true that the environment looks very realistic.

From the Bruizer Films website, “The animation was created for ‘The Sound of Barra in the Outer Hebrides’, which is home to a spectacular range of wildlife and habitats.” Would have been nice to see some of the wildlife!

The next few paragraphs are from the Bruizer Films website.

How was it done?

From the website, “Plant and animal species were modeled and animated for each dive using 3D models based on photography and video footage from Scottish Natural Heritage. While 3D virtual terrain was constructed from bathe-metric depth data taken from underwater scans of each dive location.”

Bruizer Films


Bruizer Films provide a full service approach to film production and video production specializing in web video marketing, animation, TV and Cinema Commercials and promotional videos.

Now a word about Sculptris …


Sculptris was used in the making of the virtual underwater environment, from Pixologic, it is hardware rendered, meaning that a more powerful graphics card will smooth the sculpting experience.

Sculptris can be used by the beginner 3D modeler, and takes you on the way to using the more ZBrush, which you can use with Daz3D, using GoZ, which you can find here: http://www.daz3d.com/goz-for-Daz-studio .

You can download Sculptris for free here for Mac or Windows: http://pixologic.com/sculptris/


More on modeling

modeling_automation_guideThere is also a Dreamlight guide, which you can get here: https://basic3dtraining.com/shop/modeling-automation-guide/ that shows you how to master Ivy Generator, Crazy Bump and Sculptris and experience auto modeling for fun or commercial projects.

And now a few words about LightWave …


A 3D artist has created a new book for LightWave, where you can, “Learn how to how to create everything from photoreal renders and futuristic landscapes to better interior designs and dynamic sport vehicles from industry experts like Neil McCormack and Eugenio Garcia Villarreal.”

Go here for more info: http://www.greatdigitalmags.com/view/3dartist/3134/3d-artist-books-lightwave

Source images: http://www.greatdigitalmags.com/view/3dartist/3134/3d-artist-books-lightwave


Others are available in the series:


Underwater with Daz3D

This underwater image was created using Bryce from Daz3D. The pack gives you “custom Bryce made materials for use in scenes from underwater, mountainous or desert. You can even combine these rock shapes to form super structures as well.” All for US$9.95, which you can get here: http://www.daz3d.com/sea-scapes-bryce-rocks-and-lattices.

sea_scapes_3dImage source: http://www.daz3d.com/sea-scapes-bryce-rocks-and-lattices

There is also the Daz3D ‘Under the sea’ for US$12.95, which you can get here: http://www.daz3d.com/under-the-sea. This is a “versatile set of underwater lights for Poser 6+ and DAZ Studio 3, beautiful backgrounds, and swimming poses for V4 and M4 to set your renders apart from the rest!”

under_the_sea_3dSource image: http://www.daz3d.com/under-the-sea

Finally, for those who want to add some fantasy to their underwater worlds, there is the Mermaid Genesis 2 Female(s) Mega Bundle for US$33.56, which you can find here: http://www.daz3d.com/mermaid-genesis-2-female-s-bundle

From the Daz3D website:

“This 3D graphic design software includes everything you need to create gorgeous 3D model mermaids of many species and types; designed specifically for use with your Genesis 2 Females.”

mermaid_genesis_2Source image: http://www.daz3d.com/mermaid-genesis-2-female-s-bundle

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