3D Modeling Free Class: Creating Cycles Node-Materials in Blender

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3D Modeling Free Class

Join Ben Simonds for his free hands on webcast presentation on…to watch this and other amazing presentations go HERE

DateThursday, December 5, 2013

Time10AM PT, San Francisco
6pm – London | 1pm – New York | Fri, Dec 6th at 5am – Sydney | Fri, Dec 6th at 3am – Tokyo | Fri, Dec 6th at 2am – Beijing | 11:30pm – Mumbai

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3D Modeling Free Class: Creating Cycles Node-Materials in Blender

Ben’s presentation will be about 1 hour in length.

Blender is a  free 3D graphics tool used by artists and designers everywhere. But somehow even highly experienced designers often find it challenging to go from an idea to the finished piece. Blender’s new Cycles render features a powerful node-based editor for creating materials. Nodes are used to create a huge variety of customizable materials but it can be a bit challenging to begin with.

In this hands-on webcast presented by Ben Simonds author of Blender Master Class, you will be shown how to create various common material types with nodes for rendering in cycles. Then you will also be shown how to create more complex materials, incorporating different kinds of texture data and blending together different types of shaders.

About Ben Simonds

Ben Simonds is a professional 3D artist and he is the Co-Director of Gecko Animation Ltd, a post production and computer animation company based in London.

Simond’s Blender tutorials have become quite popular and can be found on his website (bensimonds.com), Blender Cookie, CG Cookie, and BlenderNation.

Have fun!

-Val Cameron/Dreamlight

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  1. CalieVee December 4, 2013 at 12:06 am #

    Would be nice if you also let us know where we need to go for the free web class. None of the links lead to any post or site that will have that class that I can see, no announcements about it either.

  2. Sadsaytr December 4, 2013 at 5:39 am #

    I would really like to attend, but as I am a working person, I just cant do it.

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