3D Lighting Effects

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3D Lighting Effects

You probably already know how light can affect your mood. Just think of how different you feel getting up on a grey rainy day or on a day when you can already see that the sky is clear of cloud and the sun promises to shine. How do you feel in the first case and in the second?

Think again of how you feel when you are seated in front of a roaring fire in its flickering light, OK so now you are outside in the freezing cold in the dark on the side of the mountain with the wind howling in the trees. Now switch to inside and the fire is crackling in a hearth, the flames throw moving lights onto the walls, the lights are low and you feel the warmth of the flames in the fireplace.

Now you are seated at a table about to eat. You have bright fluorescent light overhead. Now, turn the lights off and replace them with the glow from the candles. Maybe, what you have on your plate suddenly looks more interesting, even if you know it was just heated up in the microwave.

3D Lighting Effects


This is how we must approach our 3D lighting effects or photographic scenes. We must ask ourselves what kind of mood do we want to give to our scene. Relaxed? Scary? Romantic? When we watch a video or look at a photo we should take a moment to feel how that video or image makes us feel and ask ourselves why.

Maybe we could start thinking about lighting as being the extra character in the movie. Fact is it is one of the most important because without light or lighting we wouldn’t be seeing anything. Right?

As Justin Slick says, writing for About.Com, “Lighting is the most overlooked and under-appreciated aspect of the entire computer graphics pipeline”. Sometimes it helps to read what other people have to say, so you can read more here.

Remember, the next time you look at a photo or watch a video look for that silent character, lighting effects, and think, now how was that done? How does it make me feel? Why was it done in that way?

-Val Cameron/Dreamlight

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  1. Larry March 3, 2014 at 3:37 am #

    You are right about lighting and how it affects our moods or how we percieve things. Even plays tricks on us. As a former photographer, I became aware of lights and lighting and there were times when I thought what I saw was not what I saw, especially when fluorescence were involved.

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