3D Featured Artist Hera Of Stockholm

Deborah's_DiscoverySource: http://hera-of-stockholm.deviantart.com/art/Deborahs-Discovery-428771004

3D Featured Artist  Hera Of Stockholm

This week’s featured artist is hera-of-stockholm, who I found on deviantART. Her work is rich in story, internal, reflective, sometimes funny and futuristic.

She writes in her Journal entry for 31 March 2014 on deviantART that she has just won the KoSa award (Kingdom of Sweden award) for her picture Deborah’s Discovery.

About the piece Hera writes: “People were talking about these places with awe and in silent voices. These far off and hard to reach places down in the yonder end of catacombs beneath the City. This was said to be a connection to the Otherworlds, a place where reality stopped and ‘otherness’ began.

However it was impossible to tell where the real border lay. And people who had been there seldom went back, and hardly talked about what they had seen there. But urban explorer Deborah Semardris was not afraid. So after necessary preparations she was ready to go. And deep deep down, she found the strangest place with an old well where luminescent and oddly smelling (not bad-smelling mind you, more like the other way around) green smoke welled up. From where did it come? And what was that semi-liquid and Very Strange glowing objects found by that mystery fountain? Suddenly Deborah became anxious, but also oddly attracted to this place…”

Created with 3D works from DAZ

 To sail beyond the sunset


This work was inspired by these lines from a poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson, “To sail beyond the sunset, and the baths / Of all the western stars, until I die,” and is a featured work on Daz Artist’s Guild, which can be found here

The work is created using DAZ3D work with 3D items from DAZ, Renderosity, Runtime DNA.

This Motley Crew

The artist writes: “All the robots in one happy group shot down in the warehouse halls.” The work was created using: 3D items from Runtime DNA, DAZ, Renderocity, ShareCG, 3D commune.

I admit that I would not be afraid to turn the corner and find myself in amongst this bunch of robots.

motley_crew_hera_stokholmSource: http://hera-of-stockholm.deviantart.com/art/This-Motley-Crew-430866705

and finally …

The Artifact

the_artifact_hera_stokholmSource: era-of-stockholm.deviantart.com/art/The-Artefact-445529027

“Suddenly there was a sparkling sound from the strange object…” Beings from some other time and place find an artifact from the past. Mystery, nostalgia and the artist remarks that she spent a lot of post work time working on the snow.

3D items from DAZ, Renderocity, Runtime DNA, Share CG

You can find a lot more of her work here

-Val Cameron/Dreamlight

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      Hi Thomas, sorry about your issue. Please contact our friendly support HERE and they will help you out.

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