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3D coat V4

Image Courtesy of http://www.3dworldmag.com

Pilgway released it’s updated version:

 3D Coat V4

…earlier this year and the updates in this painting and sculpting toolkit are wowing 3D artists everywhere.

The following 4.28 min video is an overview of the main toolsets/features in 3D Coat V4

The video was primarily for promotional purposes and is not a tutorial but gives you a good idea of the features.

3D-Coat V4…

is an application packed with features and it is best known for its texture painting, voxel sculpting and solid retopology tools. This huge application can take “a model from concept right through to completion, including UV mapping, posing, sculpting and rendering.”

The texture painting tools now allow you to paint coloured specular, emissive as well as normal map data onto imported models, like you were sculpting them.

PRICE: $349 Upgrade, $84

OTHER EDITIONS: Education, $99 (Also available to non-commercial artists)

OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows / Mac OS X / Linux

Here is the list of 3D-Coat V4 key features:

  • Live Clay released! With Live Clay you won’t have to worry anymore about the resolution of your entire object.
  • Revised Interface. New style. New Iconic look. New Start Dialog. New shaders preview, etc.
  • 3 to 10x more speed.
  • Introduction of Painting emissive and colored specular
  • Introduction of Painting over voxels/vertex painting
  • Now you can retopo big meshes 10-50M and more
  • Dozens of new tools and options
  • Spline drawing mode – New!
  • Major update of texture baking functions
  • High-speed boolean operations in surface mode, hardsurface modeling with sharp edges
  • Cool new tools for Product/Prototype modeling
  • Speed, quality, and stability enhanced
  • Scripting via “C++ like” – Angelscript

A more detailed list of V4 features and additions can be found on the official 3D-Coat web-site

If you’re not 100% convinced about this, I think that for the price, and all the varied features, 3D-Coat definitely merits a look. You can download and evaluate it carefully during the 30-day trial period.


  • Great online product support
  • Awesome texture-painting tools
  • Retopology rocks


  • User interface could use some tweaking
  • No box-modelling tools

-Val Cameron/Dreamlight

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