3D Challenges Abound in August – Will You Be A Winner?

sketchup texture challenge 2013

Sketchup Texture Challenge August 2013

3D Challenges Abound in August – Will You Be A Winner?

This summer there are a number of challenges for 3D enthusiasts to participate in. Some of these are for the artists with the new found love of 3D and the world behind it, while others are for more professional and seasoned 3D artists.

We found a few that are happening right now, in August and September of 2013 and we thought we would share them with you here so you can join in on the fun 🙂 Who knows, you may be a winner!

3D Challenges for the summer of 2013

1. Foundation 3D

Foundation 3D is back again, after staying away for a while, and depending on the level of interest, they are hoping to make this the first of many such events in the months ahead.

“In order to mix things up there will be two alternating types of challenge, in the first (like this one) there will be a model to download, and all you have to do is texture it yourself.

The second type, and the one we will run next time, is for you to create a texture you can share with the board, and show a WIP thread for how you make it.”

If you go to THIS PAGE you will see a zip file – this contains an object file for a lego man that you can download.

legoman object file

The challenge here is for you to load this little guy into the 3D program of your choice, and give it a new texture.

You can enter twice using different textures, but don’t forget that this is a texture challenge only.

You can change the pose of the model, but don’t do any additional modelling, and you can light this model any way you like, but only on the texturing itself will be voted for, when the time comes.

This Contest runs until the end of September 2013. Have fun 🙂

2. DAZ3D – “Illustration and Inspiration”

“This month’s contest is about creating a render based on a quotation, saying, or passage that inspires you”

illustration and inspiration DAZ3D

Intent: “To use the principles you have learned (lighting, composition, posing, expression, etc.) to effectively capture the essence of the quote you have chosen.”

In this month’s contest, the challenge is to create an illustration of a short piece of poetry or prose that you choose. “Illustration as a discipline is defined by its context.”

You can find all the details of the contest HERE

The closing date for this contest is August 31, 2013

3. SketchUp Texture Challenge

Villa_Savoye_Le_Corbusier_2 sketchup challengeSKETCHUP TEXTURE launches a rendering challenge of Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye

The challenge is open to all affiliate in the group You can use any rendering engine

There are no limits on the number of scenes that competitors can submit but it is important to clearly specify, the name and surname and engine used.

Entries must be uploaded into the album SKP CHALLENGE SEPTEMBER. You can find all the details of the challenge HERE

The deadline for all entries is September 30, 2013

4. 2D Noob Challenge


This challenge is part of a bi-weekly series of challenges and is for the total newbie, to learn and grow their skills.

This challenge runs from August 1 – August 16, so get in there now 🙂

Check this site for all the rules according to Polycount

5. Our very own Dreamlight Monthly Contest

This months contest is entitled: “Love to destroy perfectly normal props…”

Have fun!!

Val Cameron/Dreamlight

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