3D Artist – Karl And His Journey



3D Artist – Karl And His Journey

Karl, a father of 3 has his formal training in computer programming, and he pursued graphics as more of a “niche career.” In addition to computer graphics, Karl enjoys computer games, sci-fi movies, reading, and creative writing.

The following image is Karl’s first ever render: “Sephie Close up”


Karl did the following render and revised it 9 times. He saved all the renders so that he could check back through them to see how the image evolved over time (a good practice).


Karl’s piece entitled “Wind” was done as a part of one of DAZ 3D’s challenges. The artists states: “My first time using the Dysotopia city blocks. Also my first render with Aery Soul’s Liltsure hair. The background and how it frames her within the moon is one of my favorite parts.”


3D Artist

You can see more of Karl’s work HERE

-Val Cameron/Dreamlight

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