3D Animation – A Few Mind Boggling Fun Facts

3D animation a few mind boggling fun facts


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3D Animation – A Few Mind Boggling Fun Facts

I came across some really fun stuff that is definitely worth sharing. In our 3D world it is always fun to get some facts about 3D animation that may not be commonly known. Here are some mind boggling fun facts about 3D animation for you 🙂

3D animation is all around us these days, I mean seriously it is on the tv screen, on our mobile device and even at our local cinemas and theaters. 3D animation is on our computers and we even see it when we are driving down the road on digital advertising billboards. 3D Animation as we know, is an art; a 2D image of some inanimate object is transformed into a dynamic visual representation of 3D life with the use of an interplay of techniques and software.

1. Going as far back as 1600 BC in Egypt, Pharaoh Ramses II had a one hundred and ten (110) column temple built and he dedicated it to a goddess. Every single column had on it a painted figure of this goddess, the images were repeated and they slowly but progressively changed in position to make it seem to be in motion. Cool eh?

2. The Greeks too did a really cool animation using a spinning pot. The pots were decorated with images in progressive changing poses so that when you saw it while spinning, you will see a simple animated image.

ancient-greek-spinning-potSource: jebmation.blogspot.com 

3. Similarly, a 5,200 year old bowl was unearthed in Iran. It had a total of five images of a wild goat jumping up to eat leaves.

4. 3D animation was first used in motion pictures in 1982 in the film “Tron” and the first use of 3d animation in a music video was by the Dire Straits in their video for the hit “Money for Nothing”.

5. The first of the 3D full length animated films was the well known and loved “Toy Story” which was released in 1995. This was such a huge success that two sequels followed in 1999 and 2010. This was the beginning of the massive move towards 3D animated films that we are seeing in the cinemas now.


Source: earnthis.net 

6. Amazingly, if it had not been for script and technology setbacks, then the students at New York Institute of Technology would have created the first full length 3D animated film, as they had been working on a production entitled “The Works.” However the setbacks enabled “Toy Story” to pull off the first on this one!

7.  The creators of the 3D animated films: Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Cars, Ratatouille, WALL E, Up and Brave among others (Pixar) absolutely loved having their characters play cameo roles in various films. Perhaps if you have some time on your hands you can find some of them by searching online 🙂

Another fun fact is that “some of Pixar’s 3D animation films are so complex that it can take up to ninety hours for a single computer to translate all the information on a single image finished!” (Source: http://3danimationmobilegames.blogspot.com)

-Val Cameron/Dreamlight

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