3D Animated New Year’s Eve in LA to Top Times Square

3D_animated_new_years_eve_in_LASource: blogs.laweekly.com 

3D Animated New Year’s Eve in LA

On New Year’s Eve, around midnight, LA’s City Hall will disappear. Akiko Yamashita’s designs of the planned projection onto City Hall on New Year’s Eve can be seen above.

At first, the “iconic 85-year old art-deco skyscraper will morph and vibrate with neon patterns, as its windows, walls and edges extend out into the night sky like a trippy hallucination.” After this … poof  … the building will disappear. In its place we will see the Grand Park Arthur J. Will Memorial Fountain blown up way bigger than its normal size, shooting brightly colored bursts and streams of water up in the air.

There is to be a massive party downtown LA which is expected to draw a crowd of 15,000 revelers or more! However the main event is centered around what is hoped to be the centerpiece. There is talk that it is also expected to go viral the next day and to stir up civic pride in LA. This is the amazing 10-minute 3D show, which is expected to feature Grand Park’s fountain. The 3D show uses “projection mapping, a process that turns objects, in this case City Hall, into a display surface for animated video projection.”

Project manager, Jonathan Keith says it will be like, “fireworks on steroids.” Keith and the team of local visual effects artists, animators, programmers, engineers and production designers have been working on this project since the beginning of October. “The show itself will make use of a 20-foot stack of five 40,000-lumen projectors, each of which weighs 500 pounds and can convey brighter and sharper images than any other projector in existence.”

The video above shows an example of the Projection Mapping Process that will be used…

This process is the culmination of several technologies, including large scale robotics, projection mapping, and software engineering. You can see how the box was created in this unique behind the scenes video

During the creation of the projection mapping show, the team of artists created 3D models of the building as well as the fountain. They then added complex visual effects, handing the video over to  VT Production Design, in Glendale. At VT Production, a team of five has been “mapping the video against the geometry of City Hall based on architectural drawings and site-specific surveys.” (http://blogs.laweekly.com)

-Val Cameron/Dreamlight

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